Two More for ‘2’

Surely my conservative friends who are misguided on amendment 2 will take a second look when they find out that our District Attorney, Amy Weirich, and RNC official John Ryder plan to vote yes. They are both rock solid conservatives. Here’s what Amy Weirich is saying:

I am voting YES on the Judicial Selection Amendment to the Tennessee Constitution (“Amendment 2”) which is on the statewide ballot November 4. Passing Amendment 2 will strengthen our state constitution and add checks and balances to the selection process for appellate court judges. Judges are like referees. They need to be unbiased and apply the law fairly. We want fair and impartial judges held accountable to the people of Tennessee!

Yes on 2 protects the right of Tennesseans to vote to keep or fire the judges at the end of their respective terms.
Yes on 2 adds a new layer of accountability by having your elected representatives in the Legislature confirm or reject the Governor’s appointees.
Yes on 2 helps keep the influence of special interest money away from our judges and out of our state.

Amendment 2 enjoys wide, bipartisan support including endorsements by the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association, the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce, the Tennessee Farm Bureau, the NAACP of Tennessee, and the League of Women Voters of Tennessee. The Vote Yes on 2 campaign is chaired by Governor Bill Haslam, former Governor Phil Bredesen and former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson.

Skipping the amendment on the ballot effectively counts as a “no” vote under our laws, so we need everyone to vote YES! Help us spread the word by talking to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers—urge them to Vote YES on 2! Election Day is November 4, 2014, and early voting begins October 15, 2014.

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