What About Memphis?

The topic of ebola has spread rapidly in the media as cases keep surfacing. They’ve caught the fever of fear and are running with it night and day.

I’m not disputing its importance at all. It needs to be talked about and reported. But, in all this mess, aren’t they missing what they really need to be doing – looking into it rather than taking the word of federal bureaucrats and figuring out plans to handle ebola?

Nationally, network reporters swallow everything the CDC is feeding them. Why? Why aren’t any of them looking at the topic themselves? Why aren’t they asking questions about travel precautions, lack of protocol and who’s responsible?

As for Memphis, have you seen any local reporters asking whether Memphis hospitals and doctors are preparing to handle a case? Is Baptist ready? Is Methodist, St. Francis, the Med? Are reporters looking into it themselves by talking to nurses and assistants? Are they challenging the authorities, using other references or finding out facts?

A week or two ago the CA had some story about a telephone conference with the local Health Department. It was more or less dull reporting of the trite, reassuring answers the bureaucrats tossed to them. There was nothing in depth about it. It didn’t scratch the surface of questions they ought to be asking.

Then neither are our public officials doing much. Where’s Wharton? Has he made plans in case someone with ebola comes here? Has he discussed how or where the person would be taken or airlifted? Has he made plans for quarantine? What will schools do?

What about our local economy? Would Fed Ex stop shipping from here? Would neighborhoods shut down and people stay home rather than go to the grocery store? Should people stock up on items? Things could get very ugly very quickly.

Aside from the news event of an ebola outbreak the president assured us would not happen here, the real revelation is how inept and broken down our government is. If you thought Katrina was bad, try ebola. Even with a heads up on it the federal and local governments have remained inert for several weeks.

These are just a few of the problems that need to be answered. But no one is even attempting. All we’ve gotten is untruths, if you want to be generous.

I am not reassured.

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