Concord Grapes of Wrath

“In November, many freedom loving Americans (and their candidates) will be going to a gunfight armed only with their pocket knives.”

This description of the November 2 election is figurative, not literal. The author, at, riffs off Barack Obama’s remark in his ’08 campaign, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” In “Can a Leaderless Army Defeat the Leviathan of the Left,” the report asks an incisive question. Up against George Soros, the liberal media, Hollywood and unions, does the little conservative guy stand a chance of victory?

Three weeks ago the Concord Project was launched to make this possible. ┬áTheir belief is that “battles will be fought at the ballot box, the polls and on the streets with people getting out the vote.” And that’s their mission.

The website,, provides a wealth of ideas and plans for turning citizens into active, energized vote getters. It details how with videos and articles such as “Building a GOTV (get out the vote) Army,” “Five Tasks of any Activist,” “A Checklist for GOTV,” “It’s Easy to Go Door to Door.”

In addition, it wants to help in coordinating GOTV events, building voter blocs, working with campaigns and making plans to help get voters to the polls.

You can sign up for Twitter, email updates and facebook.

Looks like a handy tool for every day citizens to become Davids against the liberal Goliaths.

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