With You 100% in the U.S. House

Dick Morris
Dick Morris

The election is five weeks from today. Just 35 days to determine which way the nation will go.

Will Republicans win the 40 seats needed for a majority in the House?

Dick Morris says no … that number is too low. He expects at least 54, but sees the possibility of getting 100. Lest that seem like some naive, fairy tale view, he explains why this is possible.

For all the talk about polls, there is poll data from only 80 races. Of those, 54 show the GOP candidate in districts currently held by Democrats. Another 19 seats have incumbent Democrats who are below 50% and who are just a few points ahead of their Republican challengers. That totals  73  seats and Morris’ law says undecideds always break against the incumbent.

Morris feels we could get more seats, but the GOP hasn’t tried everywhere. Out of 237 currently held Democrat seats, 160 he considers in play. The current Charlie Cook report, a Democrat pollster group, itself claims 110 Democrat seats are at risk.

Even the mighty could fall (and let’s hope they do).  This includes Steny Hoyer, Barney Frank and John Dingell, all plagued with ethical problems, good competitors or unhappy constituents.

“I think we can reach 100 seats, ” Morris says.

He is launching something called Project 100 in conjunction with Michael Reagan and his ReaganPac. The goal is to raise $2 million, thereby allowing about $100,000 to be put in each  race.

“It (a successful Nov. 2 campaign) would amount to the eradication of an entire generation of liberal Democrat Congressmen,” according to Morris.

I’m with his 100 seat goal 100%.

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