Dems Flip U.S. the Bird

Lame Duck
Lame Duck

One Democrat vote kept the House from a vote before recess on extending the Bush tax cuts.

The Hill” reports that today the Dems won in a 210-209 tally to adjourn this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Minority Leader John Boehner took to the floor in an attempt to get some Democrats to allow the tax issue to be addressed. “Members are putting your elections above the needs of your constituents,” he  said.

Boehner  succeeded in getting  39 Democrats to  vote with the Republicans. Among them was Travis Childers, who is running against Allen Nunnelee  in the nearby District 1 Mississippi race.

The move to adjourn evidently surprised some members who were not informed of Nancy Pelosi’s decision until this morning.

Now economic uncertainty will continue to plague businesses, with the possibility that the lame duck session could allow big taxes to hit Americans in January.

Boehner’s move seems like a very shrewd move  because the election now becomes a referendum on extending the tax cuts. Democrats in swing districts or heavily Republican districts, such as Childers, will be left in an uncomfortable position.

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