O’Reilly-Will Fight Is Epic

On last night’s Special Report George Will was one of the guest commentators. In the winners and losers category for the week, he put Fox’s Bill O’Reilly in the loser section and advised viewers to tune in to the O’Reilly Factor. Will had taped his tete a tete with O’Reilly and he inferred it was quite something. Host Brett Baier clearly did not want to touch that in any way.

When you see this clip you’ll understand why.

I am currently reading the book, but have not yet gotten to the infamous page 245. So far the book is not a slam on Reagan. If it didn’t provide some new material and a different slant on Reagan, what would be the point of the book?
I’m not sure I believe that some thought it might be necessary to remove Reagan from office, but I’m old enough to remember rumors about it at the time.

Obviously it wasn’t justified and didn’t happen. Is it surprising that people around a president in Washington might benefit from ousting him? Not really. It doesn’t happen with Democrats, I believe, because they would either kill or blackmail anyone who thinks of doing it.

I do think Will was a fool to tussle with O’Reilly. He’s way more street smart than old George. And it’s funny that Will never voices this much passion in opposition to today’s Democrats in power or defending Republicans in DC either. He is, after all, the first one who invited President elect Obama to his house to meet with fellow journalists.

Will, in my opinion, shouldn’t even be on Special Report. He is so far from mainstream America that his opinions don’t have much meaning. He is one of the elites and he doesn’t get the remaining 98% of the country.

It was probably a good thing Will did not appear in person on O’Reilly’s set. They could have come to blows.

Meanwhile O’Reilly can thank Will for promoting his book. It is sure to increase sales – especially with the holiday season approaching.

Maybe he should send him some of his Factor gear.

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