When a Win Is a Loss. Seriously.

When is a win a loss? It’s a loss if Donald Trump wins, even by 12 points, according to the GOP establishment.

They should know as they are experts in making defeat out of victory.

From DC Whispers:

For those of you who have been paying attention to national politics for some time you will likely recall the name John Sununu. Mr. Sununu, a former George H.W. Bush White House Chief of Staff and before that, New Hampshire governor, is the epitome of establishment politics and remains one of the most influential New Hampshire power brokers.

He was one of the primary reasons the Republican Party chose Mitt Romney as its nominee in 2012, and John McCain in 2008. (In 2008 it was New Hampshire that the “McCain the Campaign” effort was by then fully underway.)

Now in 2016, Sununu is appalled at Republican voters who have turned their backs on his chosen candidate, Jeb Bush, in favor of New York billionaire and political upstart, Donald Trump.

Here is video from this morning that has John Sununu attempting to explain how if Donald Trump wins New Hampshire by double digits, he actually loses. One must then assume that Mr. Sununu would also state that if Donald Trump won the presidential election by say, 10%, with about 12 million more votes than his Democrat rival, that Trump would actually have lost that election as well?

The Establishment is pulling its hair out over Trump’s campaign successes and is quite literally losing its sanity over it. This video is a depiction of delusion piled atop yet more delusion and how sad to see Fox News so eager to promote it:

Now if Jeb Bush wins by one point, would he consider that a loss, too? I doubt it

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