One Month from Today

Election Day, November 2. It will either be a great victory for the country or a step back into an abyss of government control spreading to all aspects of our lives.

We have one month to make sure we don’t wake up on November 3 and ask “Why didn’t I just do more?”
“Why didn’t I work to take back my country?”

Sometimes it feels like one person won’t have an impact, so why do anything? The same can be said about voting. We all have one vote each. It does matter, as so many close races have shown. It does matter if you reach out and make an effort to inform a neighbor, friend or relative and make sure they get to the polls.

So how to do it?

Midtown Republicans can attend Tuesday’s meeting at 6 at Cafe Eclectic and hear Don Johnson from Shelby GOP give us practical advice on working our neighborhood. We can all pitch in to help get Clay Shelton into the Tennessee House and Charlotte Bergmann into the Congress.

For unaffiliated people, the GOP is asking each person to make 40 phone calls for candidates around the country. And then, get friends to do it, too. Details are at In the Scott Brown election in Massachussetts, Republicans from all across the country pitched in and phoned. As we all know, despite the odds, he is sitting in the U.S. Senate now.

“Get Off the Couch” is the advice at Ace of spades who gives practical tips and inspiration at his blog,

The Concord Project also offers ways to get involved with videos, emails and national hookups.

Author Dick Morris notes in his book, “2010 Take Back America” that it has never been easier to be politically active, even from your own home.

Whatever you choose to do, do something. Americans who fought and are fighting for us, our ancestors who nurtured our development and our founders would expect us to take up the mantle.

The United States is worth a few weeks of personal sacrifice, don’t you think?

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