Why You Can’t Talk to a Liberal

A new favorite blogger, Don Surber, has penned a fabulous explanation for why the two sides in American politics can’t communicate. It’s brilliant.

Dear Liberal,

Can we talk?

Of course not. Why bother?

When I question the claim that mankind is solely responsible for runaway global warming, you call me a denialist.

When I question the president’s actions, you call me a racist.

When I question granting amnesty to illegal aliens, again you call me racist.

When I question why we do not shutdown hate mosques, you call me Islamophobic.

When I question why a baker should be forced to make a bake a cake for a lesbian marriage that she does not believe in, you call me homophobic.

When I question why we should not follow Trump andd Make America Great Again, you call me fascist.

And after all that name-calling, you then dare say I am judgmental.

Your arguments are never reasoned, and your facts are usually questionable quantifications. I mean how do you measure the rise in the oceans? At high tide? Low? With the moon in what phase? Pseudo-statistics are all liberals have.

You are unwilling to listen, unwilling to compromise, and you have no tolerance for new ideas. What you call a college education, I call indoctrination. You are so narrow-minded, you must be claustrophobic.

Go ahead and call me Archie Bunker. Why not? He was a good man. He worked hard and took care of his family. Meathead only took care of himself. While Archie at times worked two jobs, Meathead never did. He went to college for like 10 years (I exaggerate). While Archie changed his views as new facts came in, Meathead never did. Even when he was passed over for a professorship to a less qualified man because of his race, Meathead defended affirmative action.

Archie came home tired and sat in his chair, which was old, worn and not very comfortable. Yet guests occasionally would rudely take his seat. In fact, a typical episode had some liberal neighbor come into his house, argue with him, and otherwise act like a jerk — just like his ingrate son-in-law who sponged off him. Oh yes, the storyline later had Meathead magically pay him back all the expense of taking care of him. I hardly believe it, but hey, it was a TV show. Norman Lear was surprised that people identified with Archie Bunker. It was not that they were ignorant or racist; it was because so many people worked and provided for their families and put up with intolerant liberals.

The kicker? Years later they did a spinoff series based on Gloria raising their kids alone after Meathead abandoned his family. The hard-hearted conservative took care of his own. The liberal thought only of himself.

In the years since “All In The Family” ended, we have seen school spending accelerate 10 fold, with no change in the results. We have seen trillions poured into the ghettos only to have young black men kill young black men. The liberal answer is to take guns from the people who do not live in ghettos. two-thirds of federal spending is welfare and Social Security. The liberal answer is to pour more money on the bonfire.

My answer is to try something new.

But you don’t want to hear it, and frankly I have heard your noise for most of my 62 years. You have been wrong about so many things. The things you got right — civil rights — you disown. Martin Luther King’s call to judge people by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin flies in the face of race-baiting politics.

Life is too short to talk to liberals.


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