The Big Day

Should be an interesting day, or perhaps more correctly, evening as the Super Tuesday results come in.

I got to my midtown precinct about 7:30 and waited in line about 15 minutes before reaching the registrar desk. I had been prepared for a wait as advised by our Tennessee GOP Chairman Ryan Hayes.

Hayes also shared quick facts about the “SEC Primary” and Tennessee:

– 11 states award delegates on March 1st, with the majority of states being in the South, hence the “SEC Primary” moniker.

– In all, 595 delegates are awarded on March 1st.

– March 1st is also known as “Super Tuesday” because more delegates are awarded this day than any other during the Republican primary calendar.

– In general, states holding Republican contests prior to March 15th will award their delegates on a proportional basis.

– Tennessee awards the third-most amount of delegates (58) on March 1st, following Texas and Georgia.

– As a basic rule of thumb, Tennessee has a 20% threshold for a campaign to be awarded delegates in our state [Exceptions: 1) One candidate receives 67% of the vote, or 2) No candidate gets to the 20% threshold].

– To secure the Republican nomination for President, a candidate needs to capture 1,237 delegates.

– Recent previous winners of contested Tennessee GOP Primaries:

1988 – George H. W. Bush
1996 – Bob Dole
2000 – George W. Bush
2008 – Mike Huckabee
2012 – Rick Santorum

– 2008 GOP Turnout: 553,005

– 2012 GOP Turnout: 554,573

– 2016 Early Vote Turnout: 62% increase over 2012.

After today, we might have a different Republican party. I think it is all for the good. Parties that don’t move stagnate. We haven’t seen movement out of most of our elected Republican officials, even though we gave them mandates in 2010 and 2014. Those who don’t get it deserve what is coming to them.

Trump has said he’s building a new Republican party. From what I see, he is. We have large numbers of Democrats in Massachusetts coming over to us in our primary. They aren’t happy with the elitism they see in their party either. Some may argue that this will make us more like the Democrats. I don’t think so. Those who are gravitating to the GOP are not part of the victimized groups the Democrats feed upon. They are traditional Americans, many of them blue collar people who don’t feel they’re getting a fair shake.

We’ve always needed Reagan Democrats. We will need them in the future.

Our leaders are the ones who have strayed from GOP principles of less taxation, greater freedom and a strong defense. They have done nothing to advance conservative causes such as restricted, legal immigration; a foreign policy that puts America first, moves to cut down our national debt; and an attention on protecting the rights of our citizens.

The elite are desperate to hang onto their power. Trump, and to some extent Cruz, threaten that. As always, it’s the end that brings the most screeches and panic.

I have been surprised that many wanting change are not the young, but older Americans. The idea of liberty seems to have been taught out of youths at schools and universities. I see this even in the young people in our party. Many are clinging to the old guard. What’s up with that? Do they really think much as been working for the past 20 years? Maybe because they didn’t seen the United States at its greatest do they think this is the new norm.

It’s sad, really. I can’t help but pity them.

Those who think all this infighting is bad for Republicans or for the country are mistaken. If the voice of the people is not heard through the electoral process, it often turns to a more violent form.

The GOP would be wise to let it all play out. I am hoping Chairman Reince Priebus will do just that and respect the vote whatever it is.

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