What’s Wrong with the Election Commission?

Last night Tennessee was called early for Trump. But if you were looking for the results for Shelby County, they didn’t come in until about midnight.

Why? Why are we the last county in the state to get its data?

Our election results seem to run into trouble every vote. I don’t think there is manipulation going on at all, but somehow the system doesn’t work. One of the officials had to leave after the last election. Now he’s gone and we still have problems.

Mr. Midtown Republican worked on the data from the Election Commission for years in the past. It always got done by 9 or maybe 10 at the latest. Now you’re in bed before the results filter in. Was technology better then? I doubt it.

I think this is one of the problems that irks American citizens. We spend more money on everything, have better technology, but the government can’t run any operation efficiently, much less within cost containments.

It’s like the school system. The more money we pour into it, the worse it gets.

Somebody needs to get the act together.

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