Did you hear that giant thud that went across the nation at 10:30 Central time?

It was the sound of a dinosaur making a last gasp before he thunders to the ground.

Mitt Romney took over airwaves to make a speech about the presidential election. He ran down Trump from top to bottom for about 15-20 minutes.

Wait, maybe the noise was a giant click as people all over turned off their radios and TVs when this loser came on.

Does anyone think Mitt Romney matters anymore? Since when do losers get to advise winners on a campaign strategy?

You kind of had to feel sorry for him. It was worse than bad judgment; it was his own death knell. It confirms him as the loser he was in 2008 and 2012. The man who actually started single payer health care in Massachusetts, criticized Donald Trump for being against Obamacare. That should negate any point he had to make.

If Trump gets in office, Romney will have no more sway over the GOP, too. He might as well practice politics in Lichtenstein.

The timing of it is odd, too. Pundits probably think, “oh, goodie, we can pelt Trump with quotes from this at tonight’s debate.” Or, it could give Trump a giant platform to set them straight. Really all he has to do is to say calmly that he doesn’t take advice from a failed presidential candidate. There’s really no better reply to Romney than this.

Also, it puts Trump’s name out there again for voters. He is controlling the media. Rubio and Cruz are more or less buried for the day.

It’s that kind of thinking and that kind of lack of connection with the American people that made Romney a loser.

In a few days it will have all blown over, except of course, for Hillary Clinton’s ad designers.

Once again, Thanks Romney!

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