Time to End Debates

Is there any reason for continuing the presidential debates? What are we masochists? Is there anyone who hasn’t made up his or her mind? If so, wouldn’t they be better listening to a candidate at a rally or checking his website?
Maybe we should put them all in the trunk of a car, close it and see who comes out alive. It would be more humane.

No matter who you endorse, these debates are an embarrassment. They all make the candidates look mean or poor, make the party look divided and the media corrupt and biased. Last night was not any different.

Fox still has an aggression towards Trump. They suffer from Trump derangement syndrome. I’ve never seen a graphic used at a debate before, but one was used against Trump last night. It had to do with his plans to cut government, in particular fraud and waste at the EPA, the IRS and Common Core. They wanted to leave the viewer with the idea that he is conning us. With only 30-60 seconds to respond, it’s hard to make your point.

They also aired an anti Trump Kasich ad at the end tying him to Putin and tyranny. Really, Fox? That’s a new low.

Megyn Kelly did not redeem herself at this debate. Her question about the New York Times and their off the record meeting with Trump was meant to suggest he’s not going to fulfill his promises on immigration. This morning the old gray lady admitted there’s nothing on those tapes. It was just a fishing expedition. She hoped to get a whale. She got a goldfish.

Rubio looked nervous the whole time. He was losing his voice and I was hoping he would. The audience was filled with his supporters, that is the GOPe. They hooted and clapped when he talked against Trump. I never thought he scored. He always fell back on childish taunts and interruptions and the supposition that only he beats Hillary Clinton. That has been disputed in many polls.

Laura Ingraham writes at Lifezette there are five reasons Rubio wouldn’t do well in a debate against Hillary. Among them is that Hillary is ruthless and he has flubbed in debates. He has not done better than Trump with Hispanics and doesn’t get working people. He doesn’t seem to be winning his home state.

As for Kruz, when asked his first question about conservative Senator Jeff Sessions supporting Trump over him, he went into his preacher/lawyer schtick. He evaded the answer by blathering on about the blue collar worker and the callouses on his hard working hands. That was a bit much. He flagrantly goes over the time limit, too.

Cruz prides himself on being an outsider, but I agree with this observation from a comment:

I don’t think the DC machine fears Cruz at all. I think they know exactly how to handle him. Just keep doing what they are currently doing to him right now. Ignore him.

Do you really think President Cruz would be effective at a bully pulpit at rallying the American Electorate against his own congress?

I don’t.

Senator Cruz damned sure can’t budge the needle on the Senate, even a smidge …. and before you say it’s impossible to move that Senatorial needle, I would remind you Senator Jim DeMint was able to move the furniture in the Senate quite effectively and darned near broke the needle off in McConnells ear.

My sentiments exactly.

Rubio, too. Just a lot of sound and fury with no accomplishments.
Cruz brought up his flat tax plan again and how you can mail your return on a postcard. I heard that from President Rick Perry, too. Didn’t go over well then either.

And what was that dangling on Cruz’s lips at one point in the debate?

I look for some late night show commentary on that.

We still have more debates to come. There is one scheduled in Miami for March 10, before the Florida primary and one March 24 in Salt Lake City. Guess Mitt Romney will be working hard on the claque in that audience.

It’s tempting not to watch. I approach the debates with a sense of dread. But if you do that, you allow the commentariat to shape your opinions. They are hoping you just go for their sound bites.

Next time maybe the RNC will have the wisdom to scale these down to about 3. That would be a gracious plenty, wouldn’t it?

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