GOPe Toys With Election Reporting

Maybe you noticed some odd things, too, about last night’s election reporting.

I was surprised that at 5 p.m. Kansas had been called for Cruz. Most of it is in Central time, but some parts are Mountain time. It seemed very early to get the results. We were watching Channel 5 news (yes, it is idiotic) when NBC broke in to share this information. OK.

Then shortly after that Maine is called for Cruz. That, too, seemed early and odd.

Then Kentucky seemed to be going for Trump, then that was taken away. It took a lot longer to get the Lousiana vote totals than the others. Why? I didn’t understand that.

And it wasn’t until 10 that I saw Kentucky finally officially called for Trump.

A very good blog, The Last Refuge, had some insights:

It is really frustrating that many people’s comments do not understand the psy-ops of political manipulation. The power-brokers within the political apparatus are working earnestly to create “optics and narratives”. This is an ideological battle space – the GOPe are master manipulators of the electorate.

There is a reason why the State Republican Parties hold back data, and strategically time the release of data to frame media discussions and narratives.

Example: You’ll note the official republican party apparatus holding Maine data, while allowing “some” Cruz data [ie. Kansas 50%+ Cruz win] to flow into the media narrative. Once the media narrative embeds, voila Kansas releases final stats showing Cruz well below 50%, and gap very tight in Maine.

REGARDING MAINE – LOOK at Rubio’s numbers!! What you’ll note is that there was a coordinated GOPe operation to shift GOPe operatives from Rubio to Cruz so they can block Trump. There’s no way Senator Marco Rubio would be positioned so far down in GOPe country (Kennebunkport etc) were it not a very specific set of party instructions to do so. This is Bush Family country.

And what happened? – Eventually the Maine Republican Party apparatus holds a press conference to announce the results and “presto” Ted Cruz wins ! (didn’t get 50% though) Coincidentally, CNN knew to cut in NATIONAL TV BROADCAST – for the Maine results. Oh, how fortuitous. Helping to embed that constructed National RNC coordinated GOPe narrative that began earlier in the day.

REGARDING KENTUCKY – The state party apparatus (Mitch McConnell), as predicted, held back reporting Donald Trump’s favorable numbers as long as they could. The goal again is to emphasize the two smaller state victories of Ted Cruz which they orchestrated to assist the overall objectives.

REGARDING LOUISIANA – Again, another Trump win with a larger state delegate allocation with results held back in order to diminish the win. The party apparatus (professional GOPe) again on the opposite side of the electorate.

See how that works?

Unfortunately, I do.

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