Cruz Rally Features Bigot

Senator Ted Cruz is coming to Mississippi today in a last effort to win the state in the Tuesday primary.
He certainly has some issues with electability in the general election as this article from The Last Refuge points out:

Does Senator Ted Cruz want to arrest all the gay people in America?

Last year when we were begging people to vet Ted Cruz, we stated the GOPe (Rove) would destroy Cruz via his affiliations with religious bigotry.

Donald Trump crushed the GOPe road-map, wiped out their splitter strategy, and stopped the GOPe team from deploying their pre-scripted weapons against Cruz. It became more useful to keep Cruz in the race than eliminate him and face a certain Trump nomination.

However, that doesn’t mean those same strategies are still not waiting to be used.

Pastor Ted Cruz is actually going to rally in Ellisville Mississippi with far-right religious nutter Brian Fischer who is a proponent for arresting gays and lesbians, and enacting the same laws as Russia banning homosexuality.

Fischer is way, way out there. Apparently there’s no extremist too severe for Ted Cruz.

Imagine what the Democrat Party would/could do with this in a general election.

Here’s a taste of what the author’s talking about:

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