Can You Hear Us Now?

You’ve heard of willful blindness. I think we are experiencing that and willful deafness, too, in our party leaders, the GOPe.

After they spent $38 million on negative ads against Trump; after Romney slammed him; after attempts to shame Trump voters with threats of a brokered convention, Trump prevailed last night in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii.

Mississippi in particular stuck it to the GOPe.

Trump did, too, in his victory press conference. Hope you noticed the significance of the Trump brand steaks he had set out. He was giving red meat to red voters – literally.

Conservative Treehouse summed it up nicely:

Let’s take a look at last night, state by state:

Michigan – Three intensely wonderful results. ♦ First, Donald Trump wins with around 37% of the vote in a state that is very in tune with the message of how important it is to destroy the TPP trade deal; and how Donald Trump is the definitive candidate to restructure the manufacturing base and save the middle-class blue collar base.

♦ Second, Donald Trump wins the southern part of Michigan which borders Ohio. This is an important aspect to remember considering the head-to-head race next week between Donald Trump and Ohio Governor John Kasich. The Southern Michigan/Northern Ohio media markets share a base of consumer. Trump carried this electorate.

♦ Third, John Kasich had hoped to do well in Michigan, he comes in a very disappointing 3rd place considering his expectations and investments in the race. Again, this portends very well for Donald Trump going into March 15th and the primary race in Ohio, and Illinois.

Remember, Kasich is NOT on all district ballots in Illinois because his original role never included a need for him to do much there to assist the GOPe road-map. He was only supposed to be the Ohio “splitter”.

Idaho – No outcome personifies how the Romney “Kitchen Sink Approach” missed, more than the result in Idaho. By Mitt Romney giving the Mormon base in Idaho marching instructions to support Ted Cruz, his plan backfired because Rubio dropped so low in the outcome he didn’t meet the minimum result for delegates.

If Romney had kept his mouth shut, Trump would have probably ended up with a win in Idaho, but less delegates. If Trump had won Idaho with 40%, and Cruz and Rubio each had 30%, Trump would have received less delegates than the current outcome.

Because of the vote-shifting scheme, Cruz won but didn’t get 50% (the threshold for winning all 32 delegates), and because Rubio came in with less than 20% (the threshold for any delegates), Cruz won the state but Trump (in second place) exits with more delegates than if he had won but all three candidates shared delegates.

Oh, the irony is just too delicious.

Mississippi – There is no more wonderful outcome than was evidenced in Mississippi.

Today, as Mitch McConnell wakes up to read the newspaper, the wolverines in Mississippi have placed a big sign on his front lawn saying:
“Was Thad Cochran Worth It”?

A special shout out in Mississippi Mitch Tyner and Charles Evers. Some may think these two men are distinctly different, we do not. They are both exceptional patriots. They both bleed Red-White-and-Blue.

Tyner having been the attorney for Chris McDaniels knew what would happen when the race-baiting attacks were attempted. Evers knowing there was nothing more transparently ridiculous than such race-driven attacks.

Between them, they bookended a massive showing of support within the black Mississippi community for a candidate willing to put America First, Donald Trump. Sign me up for the first fish fry. Warmest possible regards to both of these heroes. Brilliant!

The message to the scheming GOPe team is: “Don’t Try To Go Full Mississippi Again”, it’s not professional – it’s personal…

Mississippi also became the sixth state to deliver the 50% +1 (Rule 40) delegates which means Team Trump only need two more states to qualify at the convention under current rules for nomination. The GOPe will have a much harder time trying to change that rule, with a candidate, one candidate, who shows up having qualified under it.

The cherry on the top of an absolutely fantastic election night was….

Hawaii – Donald Trump finishes off the night by winning Hawaii with around 45% of the vote, Cruz second (32%) and Rubio barely getting more than 10%.

Four state contests, Trump wins three of the four, and gets more delegates in the second place finish (Idaho) than if he had won. How’s that for a good night?

The more the pundits, media and party elites scream and yell, the more the electorate gets that they are not going to give up their power to an outsider.

It’s quite hilarious to watch.

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