Streetlights, Parking and Broken Government

Last night the streetlights on our block went out. Again. They were out several months ago and, as I recall, it took about two months to get them back on again.

Why? I don’t know. I just know that as a girl growing up in Memphis in the 60s, it was rare that a streetlight ever went out. I guess there were the random ones that had to have a bulb replaced, but out for weeks – never.

It’s the same with the power. Tuesday night when it started to rain, the power went out. It hit a broad swath of Midtown, including Channel 5. Why? It had just started raining and there wasn’t much wind to cause it. Fortunately, it came back on in an hour and a half.

Both these occurrences happened in spite of the money we are now taxed for streetlights and the money it will cost to have smart meters. Replace our aging electrical infrastructure instead? Of course not! Who would benefit from that?

I thought about this after our Midtown Republican Club meeting Tuesday night. The topic of Overton Park, the zoo and the greensward came up. A member who had been to the City Council meeting when they voted basically to give the zoo whatever it wants regarding parking, told us how suspiciously it went down. Council members acted swiftly and they had a plan. Despite about 200 greensward supporters showing up quickly to speak against their actions, the Council went forward with what they wanted. The various ties to campaign funds and council members was discussed, as was the call of racism by several there who said the greensward parking was needed to allow poor black constituents parking.

Yes, the racism card was played even at the zoo.

Evidently back room deals were made and sunshine laws appear to have been broken. But politicians and media deafen themselves to avoid hearing what Memphians want.

It struck me as a microcosm of what is happening on the national stage. The federal government does whatever it wants, even when the people deliver votes opposing it. Think Obamacare, Common Core, immigration, taxes, energy. Think 2010 and 2014 elections. Think the Tea Party. But, Democrats plow right through to their desired ends and the Republicans let them do it. Many times it’s what the GOPe want, too.

That frustration is what is driving this election.

Things don’t work as they should and people know it.

I’m not sure Hillary can manipulate everything well enough to be the nominee. Sanders people get what’s going on and they don’t like it.

If our party thwarts the will of the people – whoever they elect and choose – a revolution will take place.

I hope Reince Priebus, GOP Chairman, realizes this.

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