Steve Cohen’s Attitude Never Disappoints (Video)

Cavuto and CohenOur Congressman, Steve Cohen, appeared on Neil Cavuto’s “Your World” on Fox News Friday. As always, he reliably delivered all his party’s talking points and insults while avoiding answering the questions Cavuto put to him. An amused, bemused and finally frustrated Cavuto asked him “Are we seeing the same earth?”

Cohen claimed the Democrats and President Obama saved millions of jobs, got the economy moving, saved community banks and are getting jobs going again. When Cavuto attempted to break through Cohen’s Stepford Wife act to point out that voters seem ready to toss out all the culprits, Cohen replied “it’s unfortunate” but kept right on crediting the Democrats with fixing everything.

Of course the bad old Republicans are to blame for the huge deficit we have accrued, according to Cohen. The saintly Democrats balanced the budget under President Clinton and he invoked the bogeyman GOP as the party that wants to end Social Security, Medicaid and punish the middle class.

He even went on to insult the very people watching the show! People who watch this show and listen to Fox News don’t read economists like Paul Krugman (if you make a drinking game out of taking a shot everytime he mentions Krugman, Nobel Prize and Mark Zandy you’d be snockered by the end of the interview) and don’t get it to paraphrase the parroting Cohen.

Also interesting how often he blinks throughout the interview. I wonder what Bill O’Reilly’s body language lady would say; I think she rates that as an uncomfortable reaction to questions at best.

See the interview here yourself:

Interestingly, “The Daily News” recently queried some financial people. Bob Allsbrook, Regions Financial Corp. chief economist said, “No one believes this recession’s over except for a committee of about 10 professors.” They find “an informal poll of Memphis finance professionals produces a veritable amen. And don’t look for the historic target of 5% unemployment any time soon.”

“The Nashville Post” reports “community banks are going to suffer in the new era of banking we have entered.” Ron Samuels of Avenue Bank and King Purnell of 1st Tennessee said the cost of complying with more rules and regulations is becoming an ever larger burden that will drive small players into the arms of buyers. “There won’t be a lot of small banks left in a few years,” Samuels said.

Evidently these guys were not among Steve Cohen’s economic advisors.

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