Campaign Turns Dangerous

Last night was disgusting in many ways. The violence at the Trump rally exposed a lot of things.

Megyn Kelly, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and people from the National Review and other “conservative” sources disgraced themselves by blaming the violence on Trump.

Do they think we haven’t heard about the moguls meeting in Sea Isle, Georgia, where people like Soros, google execs, Karl Rove, Tennessee Congresswoman Diane Black, Bill Cristol and media people openly came together to work out a strategy to subvert the vote and stop Trump? Do they think we can’t connect the dots?

Were they willing to put innocent Americans who simply were using their first amendment rights to hear a candidate at risk of injury, intimidation and maybe death?

Evidently they were and are.

Blogger DW Ulsterman writes

The call went out hours earlier via various far-left activist groups – community organizers if you will. The message was simple, mob a scheduled Donald Trump rally in Chicago.
Local law enforcement discovered the plot, shared their concerns with Donald Trump himself, who decided for the safety of the thousands who had waited hours to attend, to cancel the rally. That wasn’t enough for the protesters, though. They confronted the Trump supporters, most of them fellow residents of Chicago, and pushing and shoving ensued. Then the protesters turned their attention onto Chicago law enforcement, creating a worsening stand-off between law and order, and citywide chaos.
All of this out of fear over one political candidate who rightfully claims he is not beholden to the power brokers who control all sides of the political and media machine in this country.

All of the predictable subjects were there: Black Lives Matter,, open borders advocates, Barack Obama’s fellow neighborhood agitator and domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, etc. A myriad of social media announcements set the proverbial protest ball in motion, and some two thousand sneering, chanting discontents descended upon the Trump rally that by then, had already been cancelled.

Protesters cheered, then chanted, “We stopped Trump”, and then turned their focus onto the Trump supporters who were by then moving out in an orderly fashion from the event. Trump signs were grabbed from hands and destroyed. American flags were ripped away and trampled upon on the ground. Some of the Trump supporters were pushed, so they pushed back.

Nearly eight years after Barack Obama was made President of the United States, the country has never been so divided between those attempting to hold onto the American Dream, and those intent on destroying it.

We are at war in America, reader, a sad affair bought and paid for by the very same powers that seek to destroy the Trump campaign. In this endeavor, there is little difference between Fox News and MSNBC, or The National Review and Mother Jones. They all want Donald Trump off the political stage and are growing increasingly desperate as Trump’s popularity and momentum grow.

This is unprecedented in the modern era of American politics. Never before has a single candidate generated so much support and love among millions, but seething hatred among a select and elite few. Glenn Beck has taken to equating Trump to Hitler. Imagine yourself stepping onto a stage surrounded by thousands of strangers knowing there are people in media and politics comparing you to a one of the worst mass-murderers of the 20th Century? How easy would it be for but one unbalanced individual to listen to a Glenn Beck warn of how dangerous a Donald Trump presidency will be and use that message as justification for doing something horrible?

That is now Donald Trump’s world. Nearly every day he steps onto a stage amidst thousands of people, and does so under a threat being purposely generated by figures from both the left and right of the political and media spectrum. They would apparently rather see cities burn to the ground than allow Donald Trump to be President.

Regardless of whether you support Donald Trump or not, that is undeniable courage.

I have intelligent readers who don’t support Mr. Trump’s campaign, but do so for justifiable reasons. It might be his changing positions, his boisterous nature, or his sometimes bullying attacks on opponents. Those are all acceptable reasons not to support him. But lately, some among these same readers have shared their discomfort over the growing war being waged against Trump by very powerful forces who would deem themselves the ones worthy of making up the minds of everyone else. That isn’t democracy, or a representative republic – that is a political and media junta that punishes any who don’t conform to its pretentious ideals of left vs right. Regardless of whether you support Ted Cruz, or John Kasich, or Marco Rubio, you know in your heart that such attacks against a single candidate are not right, and certainly not conducive to allowing the voters to make up their own minds about who they hope to see lead this country.

Donald Trump is pulling the Republican Party to him, with millions of voters from such disparate locations across the South, the Northeast, and the Midwest. He is right when he calls what is happening a movement. He counts among his millions of supporters, evangelicals, independents, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, rich, poor, middle class, and minorities from every section of American society.

No other candidate is doing this to the depth Donald Trump is. That is not intended to be a knock against the other candidates, it is simply stating fact. Mr. Cruz, Mr. Kasich, and Mr. Rubio are running largely traditional campaigns. Donald Trump is doing something entirely unique and different, and winning in the process.

That is a direct threat to the status-quo that only maintains its power through the mirage of us against them politics. Proof of that is seen in the list of Donald Trump’s enemies. With but a few exceptions, Fox News despises him. So too does every other news organization be it labeled, “conservative” or “liberal.” Donald Trump, in not aligning himself too closely with the labels of conservative, or Republican, but rather an unapologetic, pro-America first dynamo, he is turning over the money-changers’ tables in the Temple.

And we all know how that turned out.

If Donald Trump is to survive this onslaught, he will need the help of those who have so far made him the single greatest threat to the entrenched powers in America in quite some time. Come Tuesday, voters in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, and North Carolina, have the opportunity to tell the self-anointed power brokers, NOT THIS TIME.

If you have been paying attention, you know the stakes. And if you have children and/or grandchildren, you know how precarious their futures have become since such darkness has descended over this country.

It is time for the Silent Majority to remain silent no more. Let your voices be heard at the ballot box now, and again in November…LET THOSE VOICES ROAR.

America and its people are still worth saving.

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