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Donald Trump may have more than half the delegates needed (currently 646) to win the nomination at the convention (!,237), but the primaries are not over yet. In fact, they don’t end until June 7.

We get a break on the debates, however, since Trump has decided to skip Monday’s debate in Salt Lake City (so much for another chance for Romney to heckle him) and Kasich bailed too. That’s a relief! At this point does anyone really need to go through that torture again? Surely anyone with the remotest interest has already heard enough to make a choice.

But Tuesday, March 22, we have the Arizona primary and Utah caucuses. There are 58 delegates available for Arizona; 40 for Utah.

Then we get a break for Easter and resume April 5. Wisconsin holds a primary with 42 delegates.
April 19 is New York’s primary with 95 up for grabs.
April 26 Connecticut primary (28), Delaware (16), Maryland (38), Pennsylvania (71) in which Kasich is ineligible because he didn’t get enough signatures to petition, and Rhode Island (19).

May 3 has Indiana with 57.
May 10 is Nebraska (36) and West Virginia (34).

May 17 is Oregon (28).

May 24, Washington (44).

June 7, California (172), Montana (27), New Jersey (51), New Mexico (24), South Dakota (29).

According to the RNC, “American Samoa (9 delegates), Colorado (37 delegates), Guam (9 delegates), North Dakota (28 delegates), Wyoming (29 delegates), and the U.S. Virgin Islands (9 delegates) will not hold presidential preference votes in 2016.”

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