Following the Money

One thing this campaign has revealed is the ties of some in the conservative movement to money and the GOPe. It’s disheartening to say the least.

The old adage “follow the money” can be applied here and how.

For example, Mark Levin’s ties to the Cruz campaign have been revealed. The son of his fiance works in Cruz’s office and has probably funneled radio ads to his show. In addition, the Senate Conservatives Fund (PAC) purchased about $400,000 worth of his book. Could it be in exchange for favorable notices to certain candidates?

Or that Glenn Beck appears to have also benefited from Cruz people with money in Utah and that David Barton, the Chairman of Glenn Beck’s Mercury One charity, is jointly running the Cruz Super PAC Keep the Promise? And how about revenues from ads run on his show?

Then there is Ben Shapiro, formerly of Breitbart. His website, The Daily Wire, is funded by the billionaire Wilks Brothers, Levi and Farris, in Texas who also fund Ted Cruz and his Super-PAC “Keep The Promise”. Remember, he is the one who backed fellow Breitbart former employee Michelle Fields in her suit against Trump’s campaign manager.

Now you can count Redstate founder Erick Erickson among those getting some. According to Conservative Treehouse: “Erick Erickson’s media venture “The Resurgent“, is taking Super-PAC money from the (formerly Scott Walker advocates and financial backers) Ricketts family of Wisconsin who fund OUR PRINCIPLES PAC to the tune of $3,000,000 in February alone.”
You can find substantiation of all this here:

No wonder he’s so adamantly pro Cruz.

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