What Can I Do?

Four weeks from today America goes to the polls.

Today at Shelby County Republican Party headquarters about 35 people showed up for the second of three sessions conducted to help get out the vote.

Director Don Johnson, along with Grassroots Chairman Anne Truett and Get Out the Vote chair Barbara Trautman laid out the game plan for these last crucial weeks.

Essentially, there are two ways Shelby County residents can help.

There is a list for each precinct of targeted homes for neighbors to knock on, remind residents of the election dates and leave literature or voting information there. Door knockers are reminded to have a cheerful demeanor, never argue with the home owner and take a clipboard with you to write down addresses of people who want yard signs. It is never allowed to put literature or any material in a mailbox. It can be left on the door or doorstep if no one is home.

Secondly, anyone can make phone calls from home via a list or by logging onto CallFire. Phone calls are not as effective as door to door, but they are more efficient, Don reminded us, because so many can be contacted. For the August election, about 25,000 phone calls were made by Republicans and helped achieve the successful election.

If you are motivated and want to see a candidate elected to change Washington or Nashville, drop by the headquarters at Park and Ridgeway above Jason’s Deli or call 682-3335.

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