Midtown Meeting

Clay Shelton
Clay Shelton
Don Johnson
Don Johnson cut his cake with Ruth Henderson's help.

Don's Cake

The monthly Midtown Republican Club met last night at Cafe Eclectic.

Member and state representative candidate Clay Shelton briefly discussed his campaign. He and campaign manager Richard Morton have gone door to door in their district to 2,000 homes. He likes his prospects.

Richard asked for a lot of phone calls for this district. There are only 5,000 numbers to call. While this sounds like a lot, one Shelby County Republican member herself made 5,000 calls for the August 5 election.
Shelby County Republican Executive Director Don Johnson demonstrated how CallFire makes it easy for anyone to make calls from home. He estimates 20,000 calls were made for the August election and contributed to our get out the vote effort.

Laura Baldwin from the Charlotte Bergmann campaign attended and announced that her candidate has a new website: www.charlottebergmann.com. Take a look. Events will be listed there, including an October 26 fundraiser with Marsha Blackburn and another event planned for October 15. Bob Corker has sent in his support as well.

Don Johnson celebrated his 29th birthday with us and shared his cake.

Other business: The Haslam campaign plans a midtown stop on October 21 roughly in the 7 to 10 a.m. time frame. If you’re interested in attending, contact [email protected].

Our next meeting will be on election day, Tuesday, Nov. 2. Instead of a 6 p.m. meeting time, we will gather at 8 to watch the returns at Cafe Eclectic. Specific details will be announced closer to the date.

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