Crash Hits Home

Politicians and pundits like to make decisions based on vote getting and ideology. They so often don’t think about the consequences to everyday Americans, nor do they care.

Immigration is an issue that exemplifies this policy. We hear about the illegals who come here, commit a crime and get off or are sent back without any consequences. Think Kate Steinle, who was killed by an illegal who had committed crimes before, been sent back, only to return to a welcoming sanctuary city.

Real people do suffer from the illegal immigration politicians have let happened and encouraged. It may all seem like a far away issue to most Americans until it hits home.

It did for me yesterday. My daughter’s brother-in-law was severely injured in a crash caused by an illegal.

Here’s the story from Fox:

An out-of-control bus driven by an illegal immigrant carrying flood recovery volunteers hit a fire truck and firefighters who had responded to an earlier crash Sunday morning on a Louisiana interstate, killing two people and injuring 36, according to state police.

The ladder truck from St. John the Baptist Parish, located west of New Orleans, had parked across the right lane of Interstate 10 to block traffic while police investigated an earlier crash involving a pickup truck that had skidded on the wet road, crashing into both guardrails about 6:40 a.m., Trooper Melissa Matey told local media.

The bus hit the fire truck, then hit a car, and then veered behind the fire truck and into the pickup truck, knocking three firefighters who were standing near the guard rail into the water below, Matey said.

Matey said the driver, identified as Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez, 37, of Honduras, was an employee of that company.

“He is in this country illegally from Honduras. He has no driver’s license. He had minor injuries,” she said.

Rodriguez will be booked in the St. John the Baptist jail and will be charged with two counts of negligent homicide, reckless operation, and no driver’s license, Fox 8 reported. Police told the television station that additional charges are forthcoming.

Matey said the wreck killed Jermaine Starr, 21, of Moss Point, Mississippi, a back-seat passenger in the Camry, and St. John the Baptist Parish district Fire Chief Spencer Chauvin. The injured included the other two firefighters, the bus driver, 24 bus passengers and a total of nine people in the car and pickups.

Firefighter Nicholas Saale, 32, of Ponchatoula, and Camry passenger Vontravous Kelly of Moss Point, Mississippi, are in critical condition, she said. The Camry’s other two occupants, driver Marcus Tate, 35, and David Jones, both of Moss Point, are in serious condition.

Other injuries — including the Titan’s two occupants, who suffered minor injuries in the original crash — ranged from minor to moderate, Matey said.

Matey said the bus was taking flood recovery workers from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and belonged to a company with two names: AM Party Bus and Kristina’s Transportation LLC, both at the same address in Jefferson, about 30 miles from New Orleans in Jefferson Parish, Matey said.

Her brother-in-law is 32, expecting a baby next month. This was a needless occurrence. It’s also one that can be laid at the feet of President Obama, who has had his minions openly invite people in Central America to come to our country.

The Democrats need votes, you see, and that supersedes the welfare of Americans.

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