Why News Is Dying

Do you find yourself shying from cable TV news, the newspaper or talk radio?

If so, you’re not alone. In the months before the presidential election we’re being manipulated by news people with an agenda. They’re not even pretending to be fair anymore. For example there is this headline in the Washington Examiner today: “Media defend aggressive standards for covering Trump.” That’s right, they are going to grill, roast and try every half baked loony theory they can to deny him the presidency.

The Examiner writes,

On Sunday, Jorge Ramos, anchor for the Spanish-language Univision, became the latest news figure to urge other journalists to take a more active approach on covering the Republican nominee. Ramos indicated that more reporters need to act the way he did last year, by challenging Trump loudly and aggressively.

“And I think in this case, neutrality is really not an option,” Ramos said on CNN. “I think we have to take a stand, and in this case, Donald Trump is a unique figure in American politics. We haven’t seen this in decades, since probability (sic) Senator Joe McCarthy.”

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is MIA until the September 26 debate. But does that trouble people supposedly pursuing truth and transparency? No, nor does her total concentration on fund raising, while evading all questions. In fact, it gets a thumbs up from NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, etc.

Media use polls, too, to disparage, discourage and dissuade. Conservative Treehouse blogger reminds us that “Media polls are fraught with the same ideological bias and intent as all other stories within the media entities producing the polls. It’s a simple thing to accept. It’s not complex.” He doesn’t believe the numbers bouncing back in forth are true. “The media will call the next few weeks ‘Trumps’ Labor Day Bounce’. Watch, it’s transparently predictable…”

Any of us who remember the last few campaigns know how networks like to string people along with these polls, which at least half the time, do not turn out to be correct predictors.

But you can’t escape the slant even if you’re looking at a food magazine, travel article or the TV listings. Today, for example, TV syndicated writer Kevin McDonough can’t leave politics out of his daily column. He describes a new show called “Facings,” which will have one episode on Arnold Schwarzenegger, by jabbing Trump.

“Well, the former California governor has been named the new host of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ because NBC fired the former host for being just too racist for network television. You know, the guy who is now running for president,” he says.

Outrageous! He defames Trump without any example. He does it because he can, but he can’t back up his slur with any facts.

The same show will profile Vladimir Putin and Saddam Hussein. You don’t McDonough linking the dictators to Hillary Clinton, although she shares their prediliction for acquiring money, power and getting rid of people standing in her way.

The fourth estate has eagerly dismissed their purpose. They seem to be the only ones who don’t get it.

It’s going to be a tough few months, but sit tight, avoid the hype and listen to speeches unadorned by commentary.

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