Politics Served Up in Food Story

When I read a food story, the last thing I want is to be fed propaganda. But, as I’ve mentioned before, liberals have to put a dash of politics in everything – TV listings, the arts, fashion, even cooking. They can’t stop themselves until they shove their views down every American’s throat.

Yesterday in the CA food section, the food editor had to put it in a story as well. She writes about John Currence, a chef from Oxford, Ms. By the fifth sentence, she’s serving up his opinion of Donald Trump. Evidently Trump is not to Currence’s taste. Aw. “…he (Currence) despises Donald Trump and everything he represents – that, in fact, he believes he is the glaring example of the erosion of social contracts we’ve operated under for untold years.”

What? Are we reading the editorial page or the food page?

Do I go to Karl Marx for food tips? Do I ask George Will how to cook a turkey? Or David Axelrod for his bittersweet cookie recipe? Of course not!

What are they feeding people down there in Oxford? A hefty portion of absurdity for one. Currence ties his dislike into a story about people traveling on airplanes; “You have to block people trying to get on the plane while you’re trying to get your carry on in the overhead, because some (jerk) is too cheap to check his luggage and has taken up a whole bin. We can’t have people acting like they own every (expletive deleted) thing.”

What does this rant have to do with cooking or Donald Trump? Why would billionaire Trump take a plane or be cheap or act like he owns everything? He doesn’t except it shows Currence is as intolerant as he accuses others of being.

Like so many leftists, when it comes to his own money, though, it’s a different story. He doesn’t believe in a $15 minimum wage, according to the story. He thinks it will hurt the economy. Do as I say, not as I do, eh? What about the social contract between employer and employee?

She interviewed him because he’s got a new cookbook out that he wants us to buy and some restaurants he is opening in Florida and Alabama and wants us to patronize. I guess conservative money is good enough for him then .

The CA editor lets all this pass because “He’s in a league of his own..He’s the thinking man’s chef, kind of an icon on the modern South.”

Sure he can have his opinion. But do I have to be forced to listen to it? Evidently he’s been pretty active in expressing his opinion, even to humiliating his own state and governor for their religious freedom restoration act. He even tried to embarrass them. Buzzfeed said, “Of course, people who speak out openly against the governor’s policies aren’t typically hired to cook for him. Currence had been booked months before Bryant signed the bill. Currence considered cancelling, but then he and another chef, Kelly English of Memphis, hatched a plan they thought would get more attention: On Thursday, they would prepare this luncheon for the governor and on Friday they would hold a protest dinner called the Big Gay Mississippi Welcome Table. The ploy was simple. The same weekend that the state’s ambassadors would be wining and dining in New York, Currence would be there to send a message.”
The article went on to include many expletives used by the chef.

I for one, am tired of being force fed a diet of political correctness. And, I don’t suppose I’m the only one. The good thing is so few people read this stuff anymore. They wonder why? It’s what’s on the menu.

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