2023: America Made Great Again

My husband looked up from his laptop. “Looks like the major company that made the tiny house craze has gone out of business,” he said. “I just read about it on Breitbart.”

“Interesting,” I replied. “Who would want to live in a closet? Imagine they actually thought that was a good thing ten years ago. Now with a rocketing economy and energy costs low due to the trans America pipeline, Americans are living in comfort again. Turn on Breitbart News Network. It’s Channel 350.”

Just then our son came bounding down the stairs. “You look natty in your suit and tie. What time is your interview?” I asked.

“9:15,” he said. I muttered under my breath to my husband, “Thank God that tattoo and piercing craze ended after Trump took office. John was too young to be sucked into that look. Imagine, people thought looking like a carnival freak made them attractive to companies.”

“Don’t forget the man buns,” hubby said. “Everybody looks like Don Draper now. Proud to look good and happy to show it.”

“Good luck, son,” we said as he went to the door. “I know a lot of people want to be doctors now that Obamacare is gone, but I think I have a good chance at interviewing for med school,” he said. “Our education system is a lot better now and more people are getting professional jobs. I’m pretty well versed in chemistry, biology and engineering, so I should do well.”

“That would be a relief,” I said. “At least now the student loan business is not the mountain of debt it used to be. I’m glad Trump eliminated that problem.”

“By the way,” I said. “Have you looked at the movie listings? What should we see tonight? I think Milo Yiannopoulus has written a new comedy or there is the Phyllis Schlafly story. I think it’s called ‘Before Her Time.’ Just think, a few years ago there was nothing we wanted to see. Hollywood’s bankruptcy from making all the hyper liberal movies has let a whole new generation of American filmmaking come forward. Didn’t they think people would get tired of the constant American bashing? And the movie stars who used films for their crazed political ideas? I couldn’t stand to see one more Matt Damon movie or Susan Sarandon flic.”
Before we could decide, the phone rang. It was our daughter, Susan.

“I’m going to have another baby,” she said.

I related it to my husband.

“Great! We were hoping for a fourth grandchild!” he said. We both agreed that since the daycare plan put forward by Ivanka Trump, it was much easier for office working moms and stay at home moms to have more children. That and the lower taxes made it possible to have big families again.

Susan went on to say that they were finally going to take that trip to Europe, before the baby came. It would be a nice opportunity for the other children to see the Eiffel tower, Big Ben and the Vatican. She told me that now that the economy is booming and the dollar is strong, they’d be fools not to take advantage of the cheap rates. “I’m so glad the Euro nonsense is gone and terrorism is no longer the threat it once was.”

I agreed. Then, too, since Rudy Giuliani became Homeland Security chief, the ridiculous methods of checking passengers for bombs that took so much time and meant long lines was over. Grandma didn’t have to be patted down anymore! In its place was the less intrusive profiling and retinal scans. “That’s a big help when traveling with three kids!” Susan said.

We hung up and I turned to the Breitbart TV broadcast. President Trump was getting the NAACP Lincoln award in Chicago. “He deserves it,” I said. “Fewer ghettos and less crime plus a murder rate decline in that city; his policies have helped everyone.”

My husband decided it was time to go to the office. He had planned an early retirement during the Obama years, but since so many regulations were slashed by Trump after 2017, he was enjoying his work again. “To think of all that paperwork we used to have to do,” he said. “The simplified tax code has made my life a lot easier!”

He drove off and I couldn’t help thinking how much better our country had become. All the naysayers had been proved wrong. It’s morning in a great America – again – I said to myself.

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