Hillary’s Fall

The more people discuss Hillary’s fall yesterday when she left the 9/11 ceremony early, the more questions arise.

If her team thinks that the pneumonia explanation will suffice, they are wrong. It’s confusing, too.
First they said she got overheated. Overheated without exertion on a morning when the temperature was in the 70s?
They then changed the diagnosis to pneumonia. No one called them on that?

If Hillary Clinton gets the medical expertise her position would merit, why didn’t she have a pneumonia vaccine? Most people over 55 can easily get one and many do. Or did she? There are no medical records available.

If she has pneumonia, why did she allow children to be around her? There was a little girl they let run up to her outside Chelsea’s apartment, not to mention Chelsea’s own young children. Wouldn’t this put them at risk?

She didn’t stumble, she collapsed. They say she was dehydrated and got help at Chelsea’s apartment. Dehydrated from pneumonia? Her personal physician was on scene – which is odd in itself – and she would have precluded that, wouldn’t she?

Why not go to a hospital, even if it was just dehydration? That’s what happens when a player collapses at a football game. It’s standard.

Who is the burly black man who has been at her side so many times? He seems to have some kind of medical insignia button. He’s not with the Secret Service. What is his role? Why doesn’t the media ask?

This odd stumbling/falling has happened before. Here’s a picture from February.

Then there has been the coughing fits. They have happened months ago. Couldn’t have been pneumonia then, too.
In the end, the most important issue is telling the truth. Doesn’t seem like she does.
Some have noticed that she wore the kind of blue glasses that people with photosensitive epilepsy need.

Then there is the famous youtube of her head bobbing back and forth and the head moving oddly at the release of balloons at the Democratic convention.

Is this fall yesterday a metaphor for her campaign? Is it falling, too, due to sickness and corruption. Will they prop it up like they propped her up yesterday?

The story is not over.

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