The Polls They Don’t Show You

The other day I had an older friend come up to me and whisper, “What do you think about the presidential election?” I told her I thought Trump would win. She whispered “I think so, too, even though they try to tell us he won’t.”

They do, don’t they?

Morning, noon and night we hear about Trump being the underdog; that the polls have tightened; that Hillary still leads; that Trump’s chances, according to guru Nate Silver (who was dramatically off in the primaries) gives Trump a 35% chance of winning.

Frankly, I don’t believe polls anymore. Most of the tight races they obsess about end up being 51-49 or 52-48. Remember Brexit?

Then my own eyes tell me that the crowds at Trump rallies are enormous. Not a one Hillary has held comes anywhere close. I don’t believe these people wait in line 4, 6 or 8 hours in the heat/cold just for curiosity about Trump.

Then there is the “monster vote” discussed on If you don’t read it daily, you are missing important analysis and information not readily available in the news.

The blogger has talked about the monster vote for almost a year. What is it? He/she feels there is an untapped voter base of people who haven’t voted who will come out for Trump.
“There are two important ratios to remember 65/35 and 55/45,” he writes. “Throughout the past year those who have followed political opinion will note the consistent and reoccurring appearance of these two sets of statistical ratios.

“First, a variant of the ratio “65/35” shows up in random series of obscure polling questions done by alternative or social media.”

One of them was featured by the Washington Examiner. It was eye opening.

A recent presidential poll done on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” found that viewers of the show strongly prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton.

Viewers of “Watch What Happens Live,” hosted by Andy Cohen, were encouraged to text in their presidential choice. The results of the survey found that 65 percent respondents favored Donald Trump and only 35 percent favored Hillary Clinton. The results of the poll shocked Cohen and his program’s guests, Heather Dubrow of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and Rob Corddry of the HBO series “Ballers.” Cohen was also told by his producers that this poll received more responses than any other poll ever done on “Watch What Happens Live.”

What makes the results of this poll even more surprising is that the demographics of Bravo viewers are far different than the average stereotype of Donald Trump supporters. Most of the viewers of Bravo, which is known for its “Real Housewives” series and other reality TV shows, are women and homosexuals. It’s likely that the old, white men in the crowd at Donald Trump’s rallies wearing “Make America Great Again” hats aren’t sitting at home watching “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

While many people will write this poll off because it’s coming from a place like Bravo, the results of this poll shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, just like other polls, these were the responses of voters. In fact, it should be a concern for Hillary Clinton that an audience likely filled with women and gays prefer Donald Trump over her by a wide margin.

I confess I do watch some Bravo shows and I am familiar with Andy Cohen. Sometimes these silly shows are the only alternative to the propaganda put out on networks. I highly recommend that Pope Francis tune in, too. He boasts that he doesn’t watch TV. He needs to. He needs to see what moral bankruptcy Western Civilization is in.

Anyhow, Cohen is a flaming liberal. He makes cutting remarks about Republicans and Trump all the time. He must have been gobsmacked to see this result.

Conservative Treehouse continues:

It should also be noted “65/35” shows up again in the NBC poll daddy result from the Commander-in-Chief forum.

The second ratio “55/45” – is a consistent ratio which shows up on within media comparative opinions which are more traditionally driven. Viewership of the Convention speeches (32.2M Trump -vs- 27.8M Clinton), is one 55/45 example. Non-adjusted battleground polling (raw data not modified) is another example of 55/45 showing up.

It’s an odd dynamic to find two consistent ratios “65/35” and “55/45” showing up repeatedly and predictably depending on the collection source. Non-traditional, or social media, matrices delivering “65/35”; and traditional matrices delivering “55/45”.

Within those two ratios there’s a pattern of consistency beyond random data. In essence, they appear too frequently to be just arbitrary coincidence.

With confidence in mainstream media at just 32%, there is no reason to believe the information they put out.

November 8 will tell it all.

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