The Unanswered Question

There is one issue that I have not seen discussed regarding Hillary Clinton’s collapse on Sunday.

What happened when she arrived at Chelsea’s apartment? Was she carried in? Did she walk in? How did she look?

Did no one standing around outside see anything? What about the doorman? Every swanky Manhattan address has a doorman. Did no one in the lobby see her get into an elevator?

It’s interesting that people around her motorcade were able to capture her collapse on their phone camera. They didn’t know what was coming, but filmed it. But what about reporters? Didn’t they follow the motorcade? Surely some of them would have. Why didn’t they interview anyone or take a video themselves? All very odd.

How many agents went into Chelsea’s apartment? Were any doctors or nurses called? Did they come to the building?

Maybe Secret Service or team Clinton warned people not to look or take pictures. Maybe some were intimidated. We don’t know.

It just doesn’t add up. We’re not being told the truth.

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