Jay Leno – Bigot

Most Americans like Jay Leno. But after what he said about Trump, “deplorables” won’t. “The 66-year-old former Tonight Show host told the Hollywood Reporter in an interview that the problem with the Republican presidential nominee is he doesn’t know how to treat people with kindness, which could be fixed if he simply experienced getting beaten up. ‘I think this is the problem with Donald Trump,’ Leno said. ‘I don’t think anybody has just ever beaten the crap out of him, so he has this attitude of ‘whatever.’ When you have the crap beat out of you, you learn how to negotiate, you learn how to deal with people.'”
What attitude of “whatever?” “Deal with people”? Trump has had to deal with more people than Jay Leno has.

Here’s another case of liberals who claim to be tolerant and against violence, showing they are intolerant and violent.

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