Hillary Off Trail; What Gives?

For a candidate to miss two days on the campaign trail only with only 50 days to go raises questions. Yet Hillary Clinton has laid low. It’s suspicious, particularly with the recent health incidences. Listening to Channel 5 news last night, the anchor said she was meeting with her staff for debate prep. Did he know that? No.

He also couched it in a way that suggested the good student was at home studying, while the other was out enjoying himself with his friends. The anchor made a point to call Clinton the millionaire and define Trump as a billionaire. A little class warfare thrown in with the moralizing for good measure.

Stupid tricks like that are driving many of us away from television news and to the internet for an honest assessment.

But I digress.

More devious plans may be afoot. The conservativetreehouse blog suggests Hillary was meeting with her advisors and media types to plan a final plan to destroy Trump with racism charges. She appears to be losing enough of the black vote to spoil her election chances. Some polls put Trump’s black support as high as 19%; others think it could be higher.

Think of two events that happened yesterday. First, the media jumped all over Trump’s son about the tweet he made with a picture of Skittles. Note, not M&Ms, which have brown ones; I’m sure he recognized the danger there. Trump Jr. compared a bowl of Skittles to non vetting of immigrants/refugees. Would you eat one if you knew three of them were poisoned.

To me, that’s a rational and non racist comment, but the media went into hysterics. Staged hysterics, I bet.

Then, the riots last night in Charlotte where blacks went to the streets, angry about the shooting of a black man by a police officer.

Coincidence? Conservativetreehouse writes:

Hillary Clinton is in a complete state of electoral collapse. Her polling is far worse than what the media is capable of propping up.

Once the professional left cross a particular desperation threshold, what follows becomes predictable; this will be similar to Brexit’s “Operation Fear” only with a traditional American-left-wing twist, the use of race to drive the needed division.

Before laying out substance for this tripwire prediction, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to grasp the scope of what they are going to attempt to pull off. Every race-baiting historical reference will pale in comparison to what America is about to witness…

Consider the trial of Officer Michael Slager (Walter Scott shooting) was intentionally pushed into October 2016 more than a year ago. [You might also remember Hillary Clinton meeting with Walter Scott’s family – coordinated by the media consultant Ryan Julison] The pre-election timing was transparently obvious a year ago.

Exploitation of the Walter Scott shooting is just one reference point; the goal to resurrect the ‘Obama birther controversy’ was yet another. The coordinated efforts with Pastor Timmons in Flint Michigan was yet another…. the list is long.

♦ Which leads to President Obama stating that he will consider it a personal affront, if black people do not vote for Hillary Clinton:

♦ Hillary Clinton was on Chicago radio with Steve Harvey stirring up the pot yesterday. The reason she wanted this venue was to reach a specific black audience. This ensured her ability to bring up the Terence Crutcher shooting.

What we are about to see is a well scripted, well coordinated, well planned, multi-directional attack on the American electorate by the Democrat machine in order to drive down Trump support and drive up Clinton support.

However, this will not be a traditional play. This will be far more severe than the traditional use of race by the Democrats. This one is for all the marbles.

If Clinton loses this election to Donald Trump, her opponent will unite American and push back decades of cumulative effort toward the cause of globalism and liberal ideology. In addition to the compete rebuke of Obama’s legacy, there is a very real possibility that Trump will lay naked all of the corruption and graft in Washington DC and Wall Street.

There are trillions of dollars at stake.

With that much on the line, and knowing the fatal flaws from the global Brexit vote, the left-wing of the political spectrum is going to go full nuclear.

Ted Turner will lead the way via CNN presenting some obscure incidents as breaking news. The corporate media will join in a united effort and the internal media elite, who do not suffer the consequences of the ideology they promote, will work in concert with the UniParty agenda.

Politics is down stream from pop culture and that’s why Hollywood liberals love to take the lead in creating the necessary narrative. Cue Bono on the heels of The Emmys…

Then America has a presidential debate – with a very specific debate moderator, Lester Holt, who is not accidentally just the right blend of race and ideology to help frame the racial division…

…It’s just what they do. Only this time, BIGGER.

I fear he’s right. The next month and a half will be one to strap yourself in as it becomes a wild ride.

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