Nextdoor Weighs Politics

I’ve written before about a Hillary advocate offering signs for her candidate on Nextdoor Neighbors Central Gardens. It started a debate about whether that site should go political.

I’ll say from the start that I do not think that is the purpose of the site. But, like everything else liberals touch, they have to go there. Progressive politics has invaded TV, movies, sports, schools, the courts – everything. Something in there nature, perhaps the lack of religious beliefs and faith, makes them want to preach and propagandize. On the right, we have a much more laissez-faire attitude, and eschew pushing our philosophies on others.

Someone who shall remain nameless on Nextdoor initiated a poll on whether people thought it appropriate to talk politics on the site. He wrote: “So by the law of the land, Nextdoor recommends against political discussions. In past election cycles I have received criticism for deleting these discussion….but of course I also receive complaints for NOT deleting them. So this is a community site and since ever thread has a Mute feature, I think its only fair to let the users make the choice. Political Discussions? Yes? or No?

“Much like the real elections, if you don’t vote, please don’t complain about the outcome. Oh and your vote is anonymous to everyone, including me.
Political Discussions




He then went on to explain, “there are no rules that Nextdoor requires us to follow. They basically provide the site, along with suggestions as to how to run it and that’s it. The only rule they really enforce is personal attacks, vulgar comments, threats, stalking, racial posts, over posting, and probably a few others I am not thinking of. That being said we can choose to follow their guidance or not…ergo the poll. That being said political posts are referred to in several public places and in many more places available only to Leads.”

Currently the no’s are winning by a wide margin. It has been interesting to read responses over the past few days. Here’s a sampling.

“The mere offering of political signs by our neighbor was hardly ‘campaigning’ but rather a brief and finite and polite expression of opinion through the offering of a simple lawn decoration. If our neighbor had been acting as a hired political campaign professional AND was persistent in advocating for a candidate or cause then the activity might be considered ‘campaigning’. That would be annoying and I can see that Nextdoor would not want to promote that type of activity (anymore than it would want to promote other crass promotion).”

Another: “I thought it was created for exactly these kind of things. To learn about your neighbors and all that entails? To find animals,borrow sugar, find out your neighbors passions, political views, etc? Maybe I missed the memo.”
Then, “Here is why. Plenty of other places to express your political viewpoints so why run people off of a page that works well for getting the business of the neighborhood done.”

“Wow! Like asking who wants a sign isn’t a political comment. Guess it’s OK as long as you are a Hillary supporter. And if someone complained about and now 2/3rds of the neighbors voted against it you still don’t get it?”

“Because I enjoy Nextdoor for the purpose that its intended for and if its publicly posted I see it. Insisting on wanting to hand out Hillary signs on a site not intended for that and then giving the high level reasons why I shouldn’t mind it is why people are lining up to vote for someone that would have a chance in hell in any other election. People are tired of getting stuff shoved on them.”

At times it got heated among several people. The liberals took a scolding tone, while conservatives echoed the belief that it was an excuse to shove things off on us.

One said, “So now, if I get this correct, once the (Nextdoor) poll closes, one may not give away even a campaign button, or coaster, or even speak of politics unless it is hidden behind closed doors (Groups). In fact, this very poll and discussion will not be allowed. I must say, I flat out disagree – period. This tastes like censorship and I spent time in countries where this happened, countries that were very oppressive – led by people like Mubarak, Gaddafi, Ho Chi Minh and their ilk, I also fought in a war against countries that did this. Nope, I respectfully disagree, cannot abide by it, and suspect I will end up being booted off the site.”

I suspect that this person would not consider it censorship if Republican opinions dominated in Midtown. I suspect then it would be responding to a hate crime rather than freedom of speech. Liberals love to say opinions don’t bother them in the least as long as they are their opinions.

Notice any Trump signs in Midtown? I rest my case. Friends who have put some up have found them removed overnight or thrown aside. Others fear destruction of property or at the last a tongue lashing if they put one up. So much for tolerance.

There are plenty of other venues besides Nextdoor to talk politics. The CA is only too happy to publish progressive letters as are some of the other publications around town. Go there and leave neighbors alone.

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