Return of the Cleaner

The man who was noticed removing something from Hillary’s podium after Tuesday’s debate is now shown to be doing even more in this video:

The Gateway pundit says he is someone linked to Egypt and the Arab spring. Earlier reports had him as a retired NBC news guy.

After the debate a strange man now referred to as ‘the cleaner’ quickly rushed the stage and picked up Hillary’s notes off of her podium. This stranger then handed the notes to Holt as he was leaving the stage. He mysteriously is also the first person to meet Hillary before the debate as she walked in the building after arriving in her black vehicle which leads some to speculate that he handed her notes before the debate or placed them on her podium before the debate.

Another video shows ‘the cleaner’ after handing Holt Hillary’s notes, grab something from under Hillary’s podium while looking guilty of doing something and then he eventually walks out with the Clinton’s. It looks like he took the black box that was under Hillary’s podium but not under Trump’s podium. This looked like it could have been a charger or modem or something like that. Whatever it was, the Clinton’s wanted it out of there. It even looks like Bill may have put it under his coat.

The identity of the ‘cleanup man’ has been reported as being lawyer Brady Williamson. He has been involved with the Clintons for a long time. The fact that the Clintons used him, a lawyer, to pick up her papers after the debate leads to many questions. For example, why not have an intern pick the papers up and why the hurry (he was timed in picking up the papers 10 seconds after the debate finished).

Also, it’s reported that Williamson was involved in projects in Iraq, Southern Sudan, Egypt and Bangladesh, traveling frequently to Baghdad and East Africa to work with the committees drafting new national and regional constitutions. His constitutional work has been sponsored, under a grant from the U.S. government, by the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), a nonprofit organization working to strengthen democracy world-wide.

It’s also reported that the NDI was given a grant of $14 million and then court proceedings against NDI’s staff began in Cairo on February 2012,. NDI was charged with managing an unlicensed nongovernmental organization and receiving funds from the U.S. government without the approval of the Egyptian government.


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