CA Sends News to Nashville

Readers of the CA have complained that local news is getting squeezed out of the newspaper. Many times the front page is mostly national stories with bylines from parent company Gannett.
Gannett’s takeover of the CA is part of a plan, in my opinion, to decide what the chain wants people in cities across the country to know. They can skewer news, insert editorial opinion and broadcast it easily to more people. In other words, what the media has been doing to journalism for the past 40 years – control – and now they get to do it more widely, too.

Today they are taking their power even further. Memphis news stories will be sent to offices in Nashville for copy editing. Several local people were let go to facilitate this.

Many people think copy editors just slap a headline on a story, but that is only part of it. Mr. Midtown Republican and I were copy editors at the afternoon Press Scimitar and I later worked for a while as a copy editor at the CA. You must check for grammar and logic, but you must also check to see if the reporter has the correct name and title of people. You fact check street names and decide if the reporter is right about a neighborhood or area along with every other detail a Memphian reading the news would know.

How will a person in Nashville know if a local story is correct? How can they since they do not live here? Locals also know the background story – sometimes reaching back 20-30 years – on candidates, people, events. How could that be available to copy editors 200 miles away?

Liberals/progressives love to scold people to “Buy local.” They also rail against big corporations and conglomerates in control of products. I guess this is one case when we’re supposed to ignore the hypocrisy.

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