Who’s Running the Debates?

We’ve had two debates so far with two more to go. If you can call them debates. They have been more like extended talking point presentations and smears.

It’s not surprising that network moderators are biased. Sadly, we expect that. But when I read that Mike McCurry, former Bill Clinton press secretary is one of the main members, my eyes came out of my head on stalks and my jaw dropped.

How can it be kosher to have so obvious a Clintonite organizing this?

Unfortunately, he’s not the only hack making this debate.

Yes, there are Republicans on it as well, but they are not conservatives, but RINOs.

McCurry and Frank J. Fahrenkopf jr. are co chairs. Who is Fahrenkopf? He’s 77 years old and was a politician, lobbyist and chairman of the RNC from 83 to 89. He was also president of the American Gaming Association until 2013.

That leaves the board of directors. They are Howard G. Buffett, John C. Danforth, Mitch Daniels, Charles Gibson, John Griffen, Jane Harman, Antonia Hernandez, Rev. John Jenkins, Newton Minos, Richard Parsons, Dorothy Ridings, Olympia Snowe, Shirley Tilghman and Executive director Janet Brown.

Here’s the rundown on them from American Thinker:

Commission co-chairman emeritus Paul G. Kirk, Jr. is a Democratic senator and was chairman of the Democratic Party. Executive director of the commission, Janet Brown, is a former Jeb Bush appointee. Jeb Bush is no friend of Trump. Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr. is a former Republican National Committee chairman and John C. Danforth was what can be charitably described as a ‘moderate’ Republican senator. Antonia Hernandez was president and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. What do you suppose Ms. Hernandez thinks about Donald Trump? Olympia Snowe is a senator elected as a Republican but who often votes and shares political positions of Democrats.

Other non-Democratic politicians on the commission are Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. and Richard D. Parsons. Daniels has been a middle-of the-road Republican and Parsons was a supporter of Mayor Giuliani who is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump and may be the only commission member who can be politically distinguished from the other members.

The remaining members of the commission are political Democrats, from academia, or a present or former network employee. Michael D. McCurry is former press secretary for Bill Clinton’s administration, Paul G. Kirk, Jr. was a special assistant to Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy, Jane Harman was a Democrat congresswoman and Newton N. Minow has been active in Democratic party politics for a long time. Charles Gibson is from ABC news, a network famous for biased reporting, Reverend John I. Jenkins is president of the University of Notre Dame and Shirley M. Tilghman is president of Princeton University. Howard G. Buffett is the son of Warren Buffett who is a long-time Democratic supporter and currently a Hillary Clinton supporter.

If there is any doubt the commission is biased against Trump, and will be against any nonestablishment candidate, consider the choice of dates for the debate and the ‘moderators’ selected. It is obvious that Hillary Clinton has a lot to answer for, so the commission does not want the maximum number of people watching. What better way to do that than to schedule the debates on the nights there are other popular events on television, like professional football games? The scheduled was completed in July, when the dates of the NFL games were well known, and two of the debates are scheduled at the same time as games. Incidentally, the DNC did the same thing during the primary season, to obviously help Hillary Clinton. It would be easy to avoid a conflict like this by scheduling the presidential debates on nights when there are no scheduled NFL games but the commission chose not to do so, thus limiting exposure for Donald Trump and the scandal-challenged Hillary Clinton.

Then there are the moderators they selected:

Arrayed against the Republican this year in the debates are liberal ‘moderators’ from NBC, CBS, NBC, and CNN: Lester Holt of NBC, Elaine Quijano of CBS and Martha Raddatz of ABC and Anderson Cooper of CNN. Only missing from the biased list is Chris Wallace of FOX News who will moderate one of the presidential debates.

Liberal Lester Holt speaks glowingly about Obama. Obama was a guest of Raddatz at her 1991 wedding and her husband is an FCC Obama appointee (and was a pro-Joe Biden moderator in the vice-presidential 2012 debate against Paul Ryan) and Elaine Quintero has been a strong illegal alien and global warming supporter on CBS broadcasts, all positions contrary to those of Donald Trump. Anderson Cooper is also a liberal who advocates for homosexual rights and weddings.

It is appalling to me that the RNC agreed to these people.

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