Offended by the Offended

Let me confess. I’m probably a prude. I don’t like watching TV shows laced with the f word. I am shocked at what I hear women say on TV. I don’t find comedy funny that dwells on human anatomy and I don’t like loose sexual mores.

That said, I am not offended by what Donald Trump said in 2005. It was said in private. It’s the kind of thing Hillary Clinton – and certainly Bill – have said as recounted in lots of books. It pales in comparison to actions done by JFK, RFK, Teddy K jr. It’s bravado and pretty harmless.

And, by the way, who made the Clintons the morality police? Am I in another universe?

Is any of this so objectionable that it would replace the importance of getting good Supreme Court justices, revving up our economy to a GDP greater than 1 or 2%? Is it more important than getting rid of the corruption that enmeshes Washington DC? Than getting our illegal immigration under control? Than stopping ISIS and dubious refugees from attacking us? Of stopping the IRS and EPA being used as weapons against us? Of restricting our free speech? Than putting us under the yoke of the U.N.? Than law and order being maintained in our cities?

Unfortunately, the big boys will say politically incorrect things from time to time. Think it’s only Trump? Most of us have read the vile things Bill Clinton and Hillary have said and done. Ditto Nixon, LBJ and JFK. Not even GWB was immune from it, according to this article from Salon in 1999:

Gov. Bush himself has acknowledged some trouble in his past. In statements recalling then-Gov. Clinton’s admission to have “caused pain” in his marriage, Bush has said that he did “some irresponsible things when I was young and irresponsible,” but that’s been about as specific as he’s gotten lately. He wasn’t always so circumspect about his reputation for womanizing. Ten years ago, at the 1988 Republican Convention, Hartford Courant associate editor David Fink struck up a conversation with George W. “When you’re not talking politics,” Fink asked the vice president’s son, “what do you and [your father] talk about?”

“Pussy,” George W. replied.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

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