About That Poll

Like everyone else, I would like to know the truth about the election, even if it is unpleasant towards my candidate.

But we’re not getting the truth at all. Not in what’s broadcast, not in the headlines, not in the polls. It isn’t worth your time to read the newspaper or turn on the TV, even Fox News.

Want proof? Look at the new NBC/WSJ poll. It has Clinton up by 11 points. Really? And isn’t it funny that it came out – bang – yesterday afternoon after Trump’s victorious debate. Coincidence? No. Look at today’s headline in the CA touting this poll. Coincidence? Again, no. It’s part of a planned strategy. Why do you think Hillary needs so much money for her campaign? Flyers? No.

Proof that all this is nonsense is ably shown at theconservativetreehouse.com. The blogger has examined the internals of the poll, plus who’s behind it. Go there and read all the information. In short, the sample was small – 500, the dynamics were manipulated and the pollster paid $220,000 in just September by Hillary’s SuperPac.

Additionally, Fox News and WSJ chief, Rupert Murdoch, has given Hillary plenty of money. The people there managed a coup to get rid of Roger Ailes for the sons’ takeover. Sons lean left and are big supporters of Global warming ideas. Maybe you’ve noticed now anti Trump they’ve become there. Only two shows are worth looking at: Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs.

Even Bill O’Reilly has commented on the media attempts to topple Trump. He said, “I’m talking about big conglomerates. … News organizations have sent, not officially but through the corporate grapevine, [word] that we don’t want anybody supporting Trump. If you study it, you can see which ones they are.” Of course he won’t name his own benefactor, but you get the picture.

Besides, how do we know that these polls are even conducted? Would it surprise you if they were completely fabricated? It wouldn’t me. It just doesn’t square with the enthusiastic crowds that come out for Trump. These people are not paid to attend, but Clinton ones may very well be.

We’ve seen how the Clintons work. We’ve seen their machinations. As theconservativetreehouse reminds us, trillions of dollars are at stake for them. They will fight like cornered wolverines.

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