MLGW Tweet Gets Swift Response

Yesterday as I returned home I saw an MLGW van parked on the street. Two guys were at my neighbor’s house looking at their meter. I assumed it might have something to do with the renovation of their kitchen.

It didn’t. I happened to go to the other side of the house and saw one of them looking at the other neighbor’s meter. He mentioned that we must not have a smart meter because he read one neighbor’s and now the other. I told him, no, we did not want one.

I thought that odd because that was one of the reasons given to get a smart meter – that you didn’t have to worry about their access to your meter if you were not home. I mentioned this to him. He said, yes, that was supposed to be true, but they had to read them, take a picture of each meter and send it off somewhere because accuracy with them has been a problem.

What? Isn’t that another reason we were supposed to get them? He nodded and agreed with me that a lot of people like him were and will be put out of work because of smart meters. But, he said, they were moving out east and Germantown should have them within a year. He told me eventually everyone would have one.

Although I don’t tweet very much, I did write this on my account: “MLGW guy came by to read neighbors’ smart meters. Thought that was the point of getting one – no need for that anymore. Hmm.” I don’t look at twitter very often and don’t have a lot of followers.

So I was amazed to see within 10 minutes a message from MLGW in my hotmail. They responded: “Our network is expanding. So, we are still reading meters to make sure everything is accurate.”

I was stunned.

They moved quickly to squash any bad news about themselves. They must have some kind of trigger that lets them know when someone mentions MLGW. That’s a little too 1984 Big Brother watching for my tastes.


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