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I saw this on a blog and thought it insightful. It’s an anonymous Brexit voter who has some advice for us regarding our presidential election. And below, also, some from Belgians.

Warning: Salty language ahead.

Hello. I don’t frequently post threads here, but having noticed some emergent patterns watching the ongoing battle for the White House I felt compelled to write this up as a primer for our American friends. As you may have gleaned from the thread, I am in fact British.
For the last few weeks I’ve been noticing a clear correlation between the tactics used by pro Remain interest in the British EU referendum and the tactics being used by pro Hillary interests in the current presidential election. I feel like it’s important I share some of my limited insights as a Brexit survivor.


You’ve probably already noTiced this one for yourself. In exactly the same way the vast majority of British media interests colluded with politicians and corporations to sculpt a narrative of pro Brexit supporters being a loud angry minority of recidivistic racists and bigots raging at their loss of a place in a more “diverse,” “tolerant,” “multi-ethnic” society so too have the American media colluded with your political class to paint a picture of Trump supporters being a loud angry minority of recidivistic “racists” and “bigots” raging at their loss of a place in a more “diverse,” “tolerant,” “multi-ethnic” society. The British polls were rigged just as severely as your current presidential polls seem to be (more on the importance of this later). This is to say nothing of the insane level of new media manipulation (i.e. internet shills everywhere) another striking parallel.
The most important thing in this last month is not to let this constant barrage demoralise you, or anyone else around you. Spread as much fact correction as you can to friends, relatives, colleagues, anyone who will listen. This strategy proved to be a double edge sword for the establishment during Brexit, because of the day of the vote, most Remainiacs stayed at home confident of victory, while everyone who wanted out of EU turned out in record numbers (80% + voter turnout) and filled their ballots in with ink.


You’d have to be the most bluepilled fuckwit on the planet to believe the death of Jo Cox was anything other than a staged event to try and prevent a pro Brexit vote. More demoralisation. It was extremely telling how her tragic death was broadcast 24/7 in the run up to the vote and then she was never mentioned again.
I suspect this pattern is going to repeat itself in the US in the runup to election day. Some liberal darling will be killed by a crazed pro Trump supporter and the media will be a 24/7 orgy of virtue signalling and shaming tactics to stop people voting Trump. The “grab her by the pussy” tape maybe was meant to be their Jo Cox style killshot but leaked early. Nonetheless be prepared for a death.


Based on talking to friends from around the country and their informal polling of people in their areas (pub, workplace, etc.), it’s actually very hard to find anyone outside of Marxist shithole London university who actually voted Remain. Granted, I have no objective evidence to back up this suspicion but I strongly believe the vote was rigged and the actual unadjusted outcome was more like 65% Leave vs. 35% Remain. Expect to go into the election on November 8th with Clinton having an automatic 10-15% advantage you need to overcome.


Anyone who visited Britain during the referendum probably observed that the Brexiteers literally shitposted Remainiacs to death on the internet and in real life. I’d say it’s very important to spend this next month wisely, completely demoralizing any pockets of Hillary voters you encounter. How you do this is best left to your own judgment – i.e. if they were Sanders supporters drop enough evidence of him being fucked out of the nomination, Hillary’s extreme corruption etc. in their laps until they’re down enough to not bother voting on November 8th. If they’re actual, genuine Hillary supporters, convince them it’s in the bag for them so they’ll be too lazy to go out and vote. Whatever you think will work best.

The other side of the coin is mobilising as many Trump supporters and neutrals as humanly possible to vote. As mentioned above, the numbers will likely be skewed. It’s also important to have observers at as many polling stations as possible keeping an eye out for vote fraud/vote manipulation. Record everything.


Britain was able to overcome a stacked deck by the skin of her teeth and slip a knife between the ribs of the globalist entity. Now it’s your turn, America.
This will, very literally, be your last and only chance. If you fail to get Trump elected this November they will ensure that never, ever again will another wildcard, non establishment approved candidate will ever secure a nomination. With this in mind, harden yourself up for the weeks ahead. Don’t let yourself get demoralised and do everything in your power to mobilise votes for Trump and nullify votes for Hillary.
The very best of luck to you all.

Some Belgians have shared advice, too:

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