Debate Round 3

Finally, the debates are over. I think they are greatly overblown in importance. They are hyped relentlessly by the networks because they benefit from your watching them. Unless somebody really blows it, they don’t move the needle much.

Neither candidate blew it last night, although Hillary got carried away on several issues and said some bizarre things. Her face looked like it had many filters on the camera lens to hide any wrinkles. Fox Business people thought the camera adjusted the color on Trump to make him look sickly. I’m not surprised about either accusation. Hillary dressed in good guy, virginal white, must have been done by her handlers to take attention off her ill focusing eyes or to suggest purity. She did not wear a flag pin. Trump did. Notice how the podiums made them both of equal height, which they aren’t. Wouldn’t have been done had the shorter person been a Republican.

Chris Wallace did a pretty good job as debate host, but he did get a bit school marmish at times when he tried to butt in or correct them. At least he managed to ask some questions with a little teeth in them for Hillary.

The first question he decided to throw at them regarded the Supreme Court. Hillary went first and said the Court should stand on the “side of the American people” and “should represent all of us.” What are they then, Congress? She threw the Constitution under the bus and gave the court the right to legislate.

Trump pointed out that Justice Ginsburg had made negative remarks about him that she shouldn’t have made as a court justice. He pointed out that they should interpret the Constitution the way the Founders wanted. He mentioned he had given out 20 names of people he would nominate and got in a plug for his defense of the second amendment.

Hillary countered that she supports it, but wants to get rid of the loopholes that allowed toddlers to get hold of guns and kill people. Are these murdering toddlers a threat to the American way of life? Are they responsible for all the murders in Chicago? Nobody told me.

Then she segued into Roe v. Wade and how she would protect it and Planned Parenthood. Trump questioned her on late term abortions and Hillary talked about the horrible choices women face who might lose their lives if they go through with the birth even days before the due date.

That makes no sense. Neither Trump nor Wallace called her on that. Babies can survive early delivery even at five months. Couldn’t one be put in an incubator instead of killed? What of Cesareans? The whole argument is a red herring.

Trump began to warm up as the debate continued. Wallace asked about immigration and Trump said Hillary wants amnesty and no borders. Hillary began to snigger while he looked presidential. He called her on her vote to build a wall in 2006. Wallace cut him off, but Trump succeeded in making his main points. I wish Trump had said that must be one of the public/private things she does on issues as mentioned in Wikileaks.

But, there’s only so much time in a debate.

Trump said “thank you” when Wallace mentioned Wikileaks and the speech Hillary gave to Wall St. when she mentioned to Brazilian bankers that her dream was open borders. She explained that she was referring to energy and having open borders for electric grids. That made no sense at all. It was obviously an attempt to twist her previous remarks. She took the opportunity to start in on Russia as the source of Wikileaks and suggest Trump was in on it.

We were headed to the twilight zone on that answer. On Twitter, Wikileaks again pointed out that she didn’t deny the truth of their hacks, but, in fact, verified their authenticity.

When they got to the topic of the economy, I must say Hillary makes me zone out. She digs her cliches back out of the trash can and recycles them. “When the middle class thrives, America thrives,” equal pay for women, global climate change and clean energy will get us to prosperity. She’ll get jobs (from somewhere), give free college, blah, blah, blah. I wish Trump had called her on the equal pay for women bit. It just came out that the Clinton Foundation – like the State Department – gives women 2/3 the salary men get.

At this point, Trump was taking control of the debate and got his words in, despite her attempt to talk over him. I liked that he looked at the camera and his face was expressive. She looked away most of the time. Probably it’s something to do with her ailments, because her eyes had a strange focus.

Trump lamented our poor GDP of 1% vs. India’s 8%. He said her tax plan would double our taxes, that the October jobs report was bad and the economy stagnant. His plan would grow jobs by getting companies that are overseas back in the U.S. creating jobs.

Hillary audaciously said she is now against TPP. Again, one of those public/private issues of hers? She went so far as to say she’d have a “trade prosecutor.” Now if that doesn’t scare you, you haven’t been paying attention to the schemes of the Democrat party. Who would he or she go after and what would that mean? Ominous indeed.

Inevitably she went back to Trump’s taxes. He countered with her lack of success in changing things in her 30 year career.

Inevitably, too, Chris Wallace brought us back to the Billy Bush video (as if this hasn’t gotten enough network time or apologies). After a brief defense, Trump pivoted to her deleted 33,000 emails and Project Veritas. I understand he had its founder, James O’Keefe, in the audience. Wallace then mentioned the Clinton Foundation and Haiti. Her canned answer included how eleven million people had gotten help with AIDs through them. Trump rightly called it a “criminal enterprise.” He asked her to give back the $25 million she got from the Saudis and Qatar who throw gays out of windows and treat women horribly. Also that the Haitians hate the Clintons.

Wallace has gotten a lot of attention from his question about the election being “rigged.” Would Trump accept the results if he lost? He said he’d have to see about it. Sounds reasonable. By saying that he was telling people to go to Project Veritas and watch the tapes themselves. I noticed that even on Channel 5, anchor Joe Birch mentioned this answer as if it were anti American. Really, Joe makes Ron Burgundy look like an intellectual.

Hillary switched on her American patriotism, wheezing on about the American way, expression of the people, blah, blah, blah. She neglected to mention the uproar Gore caused in 2000 when he plunged the country into disarray with his challenge of the Florida election returns. They were all for that then.

Oh well, hypocrisy is celebrated by the Democrats and Clintons.

On to the debt and Social Security. She will raise taxes on the rich (except for her buddies) to cover Social Security; Trump brought up the drain on the economy Obamacare has and will be. Good that he did this because although Wallace mentioned an Obamacare question to come, it never did. That was a big miss on Wallace’s part.

Asked to sum up their campaign in a minute, Hillary blathered on about “reaching out to all Americans,” and how “children and families” have been her life’s work. Could she have pandered for the women’s vote any more obviously? Trump went on to mention his desire to make America great again.

A lot of the debate covered topics we’d been over several times before. Besides Obamacare, Wallace didn’t touch on law and order, Black Lives Matter or education.

I skipped the post debate analysis. It’s useless. They all have something or someone to push. A bunch of clucking hens. A few nights ago I watched “Killing Reagan” on Nat Geo. They had a scene after Reagan’s last debate. The pundits were tearing it down. They completely missed.

It doesn’t matter what they say – although they want you to think it does. What matters is what gets across. Last night just reinforced the past six months’ campaigns.

Most polls today show Trump won.

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