A Strange Silence

Have you noticed something missing from current events lately?

There hasn’t been a terror attack occur; or if there has been a little one, it has been ignored by the press. Do you think it’s because Obama’s ISIS strategy is working or that it’s a campaign managed non event?

Given that Hillary Clinton has so much of her money from foreign interests, perhaps they are monitoring terrorist websites and shutting down any potential plot. After all, Hillary has gotten millions from Saudi Arabia and $1 million dollar gift from Qatar to the Foundation as a birthday gift to Bill.

These people have trillions of dollars at stake. They do not want what happened in 2004 to be repeated. If you recall, an Osama Bin Laden tape emerged at the end of the Kerry-Bush campaign. Many credited that with giving Bush the win as it reminded people of the danger our nation faces and his response to it. Hillary cannot afford to have that happen to her. She is weak when it comes to ISIS and we all know why.

She also needs the Muslim community in Michigan and elsewhere to vote for her. Hillary would be loathe to criticize any Muslims, but might have to acknowledge their work behind an attack. This from someone who carefully avoids the words radical Islamic extremists.

The network that the Clintons and other elites have is world wide. They have worked at it for 30 years. They are manipulators par excellence.

However, do not think that a Clinton administration would spare us terror attacks. Her election would probably increase them as they know she and her handlers would not go after them with a vengeance. Instead, they would use it against the American people to strangle us further in rules and regulations.

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