Pulling Out All the Tricks

This election reminds me of the Brexit campaign that resolved June 26 with a victory for those who wanted to leave the European Union.

The Remain people in Britain pulled every trick they could to win. They told Britons that Brexit would have dire consequences for them. They said incomes would fall and prices would go up. Their stock market would fall precipitously and housing costs would skyrocket. None of that has happened, by the way.

The elite told the people that Brexit backers were racists. They wanted to keep immigrants out. That it was immoral and wrong.

The BBC barraged TV with debates about it and shows on what a disaster it would be. Our media outlets echoed that.
Remain even boasted phony polls that showed Remain was ahead by 10 points. They lost by about 5.

Someone on the Remain side was even murdered. Many have suggested she was a victim for the cause, maybe done on purpose. She was certainly used to showcase how the Brexit people were bad, violent thugs. Which, of course, they weren’t and aren’t.

We’re experiencing the same thing here with the Hillary campaign. The media is in her court. They are determined to lob whatever they can at Donald Trump to stop him. It borders on the ridiculous as when they suggest he’d be careless with the nuclear button. We’re supposed to conveniently forget that Bill Clinton once lost the nuclear football himself.

This week has been particularly intense on the media’s part. They have declared the race over, citing polls that put Clinton with a commanding lead, (having once tilted in favor of the Democrats).

The news networks ignore the explosively damaging information in Wikileaks and Project Veritas. They refuse to question any of the obvious health problems Hillary has. Their attitude is that if they don’t tell you, you didn’t need to know it anyhow. Many Americans, sadly, accept this.

Every news cast that comes into our homes is shelling us with anything they can to damage our morale and the truth. It will only get worse in the next week, so strap yourselves in.

Yet, the Brexit won. Yet the crowds at Trump rallies are 50 times what the Democrats get. Yet we see with our own eyes the damage Obama has done and Hillary would continue. You can’t be blind to the skyrocketing health premiums landing in your mailbox or the increasing number of job losses.

It’s all meant to scare and demoralize. I remember that the 2000 campaign was like this. One day Gore would lead, the next Bush. Back and forth continually and annoyingly.

Then I remember how the media and polls were wrong about the 2010 elections. Democrats were going to keep the House, remember? They were wrong about the 2014 elections, too. Democrats lost the Senate.

They were wrong with the Carter/Reagan election of 1980. Carter was a shoo in until he wasn’t and lost in a Reagan landslide.

Being a realist is one thing. Being a willing dupe is another.

Today the New York Times ran a story about a Muslim boy’s nightmare that Trump became president. They consider that news.

How desperate can they be?

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