Spending Spree at State Dept.

New revelations from Wikileaks are stunning. Here’s what happened under Hillary Clinton’s time at the State Department. Trump pointed it out in a speech yesterday.

These are all State Department expenditures during her tenure:

–$5.4 million on a no-bid contract for Crystal Stemware
–$167.5 million on cost overruns at the Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan
–Over $200 million on mostly unused police training facilities in Iraq
–$79,000 to buy copies of President Obama’s books
–$53,000 to polish marble at the Brazilian Embassy
–$630,000 to try to make State Department Facebook pages more popular
–$216,000 to hire an event planner for a 4th of July party in Madrid
–$88,000 to send three comedians to India
–more than $250,000 to purchase art in Mexico
–$410,000 to purchase art in China

Trump said:

I’m running to put a stop to the theft of American prosperity. I’m running to put an end to the corruption. I’m running to expose the crimes of our ruling class, and to give this country back to the middle class.

Hillary pushes trade deals, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that enrich her donors and strip the jobs out of your community.

She wants to raise your taxes, even as she used those taxes to spend lavishly on wasteful projects at the State Department.

She pledges “open borders,” in secret to her donors, even as it causes the loss of millions of American jobs and thousands of American lives.

She talks about the values of tolerance, yet proposes to issue massive numbers of visas to places where women, and gays, and minorities are horribly oppressed and brutalized. She then takes money from these regimes, without apology, and doesn’t worry about how extremism brought onto our shores will affect the quality of life for you or your family.

Hillary has access to the best doctors in the world, but wants you and your children to live under Obamacare.

I am running to end the rule of this corrupt ruling class, and to give the government back to the people.

I want the entire corrupt Washington establishment to hear and to heed the words I am about to say. If we win on November 8th, We Are Going To Washington, D.C. And We Are Going To DRAIN THE SWAMP.

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