Why Comey Did It

This morning I was listening to the Larry Kudlow radio show. He had Joe DiGenova, Washington lawyer and conservative, on to ask him about FBI Director James Comey’s decision yesterday to reopen the Clinton email case.

DiGenova has been monitoring the whole case very closely and has deep ties to people in the FBI. What he said was very interesting.

He told Kudlow that Comey was forced to do it because the disgruntled FBI agents threatened to leak the damaging emails themselves. DiGenova said the people at the agency are livid at Comey and consider him a “bad cop.” They tell him that Comey has ruined the FBI.

DiGenova said Comey is “dead meat” in regards to respect and reliability. People laugh at him at the FBI and in the halls of the Justice Department. Comey and Loretta Lynch he called “embarrassments.” The whole case was in actuality run by David Kendall, Hillary’s lawyer.

Comey cannot be fired, DiGenova said, because he has a ten year tenure, although he could be if cause was found. He hopes it will be. If Comey goes, everyone at the “front office should go, too.”

DiGenova considers the original sins that Comey committed to be the fact that he did not call a grand jury or use search warrants, but he did give immunity to people who shouldn’t have gotten it. The original investigation was not a real investigation, he said. Comey shortcircuited the agents’ work and it was “a potemkin – phony – investigation.”

This reopened case, he figures will be a rejuvenation of the earlier case. It’s highly unlikely, DiGenova said, that Comey will share any information before the election. Everyone will have to be reinterviewed, he believes.

DiGenova believes that the laptop Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner shared and kept information on was “clearly unauthorized for classified information. There was the intent to knowingly compromise classified information.”

If Huma lied, “she can be charged with lying to a federal investigator,” he said.

Kudlow asked him about the case of Andy McCabe, the deputy FBI director in charge of the email case. It came out that his wife took about $500,000 from Terry McAuliffe to run for political office and that money came from Hillary Clinton. “McCabe should have recused himself from the case,” DiGenova said.

DiGenova also said that he had recently been contacted by Republicans about these issues and he had recommended action. They wouldn’t do it, DiGenova said. “They are wusses. They said they didn’t have enough information.”

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