House of Cards Trick?

Since Comey delivered the shocking news that the FBI is reopening the case on Hillary Clinton, we have entered a very dangerous time for Donald Trump.

The Clintons are like cornered wolverines. They will fight viciously and that means they’ll do whatever it takes to win the election. As this commentator said: “Well isn’t that special? Comey the Clinton homey thinks that he can fix his corrupt reputation. Be careful homey, you don’t want to end up being Fosterized.”

Another ran this graphic:

Something will be done in response to Comey’s bombshell.

If you saw the original, British version of House of Cards, you might understand what can happen. I don’t know if the American version (which is by far inferior) will take this turn, but they might. So spoiler alert for you fans of the American House of Cards.

In the British version, the prime minister is named Francis Urqart. That’s right. Like Frank Underwood, his initials spell out his attitude. Long story short, Francis’ evil deeds begin to catch up with him and he becomes a problem for his wife and party. They conspire and decide Francis must be taken out, which he is.

In other words, Bill, watch your back. If I were you, I’d stay in a room guarded by Secret Service, with a gun nearby. I wouldn’t leave the room for the next nine days. You can imagine the sympathy that would pour down on Hillary if some “right wing nut” shot him at a rally. It could swing the election to Hillary and would she really mind anyhow? I don’t think I’ve ever seen her shed real tears.

Our side is busy, though. James O’Keefe tweeted this: “I said weeks ago we obtained ‘tape of them demeaning and disparaging black people’ — that will be released early this coming week #veritas”

That would be another interesting turn of events. It probably wouldn’t get covered by the news media, but the growing twitter, facebook and redditt armies would see it and spread the word.

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