Cohen Unloads on Comey

Our congressman, Steve Cohen, is calling for the resignation of FBI Director Jim Comey.

WREG reports:

Rep. Steve Cohen D- Tenn. is calling for the FBI director’s resignation.

Cohen is criticizing James Comey for announcing there are new emails being investigated in the Hillary Clinton case so close to the election.

“It was plainly premature, careless and unprecedented in its potential impact upon a presidential election,” said Cohen in a statement.

He went on to say the FBI has not determined the significance of the newly found e-mails and announcing them gives an impression of guilt before all the facts have been determined.

But, he told CNN the FBI should definitely investigate the newly discovered Clinton emails, “No question about it.”
It’s at about the four minute mark.

Looks like Cohen wants a little wiggle room, doesn’t he?

Maybe he wants a way to exit the sinking SS Hillary. Evidently President Obama did when he said yesterday that he has confidence in FBI Director Comey. Talk about letting her twist in the wind!

Then you have Democrat enthusiast Doug Schoen who has not reversed and withdrawn his endorsement of Hillary.

A few more Wikileaks and email leaks and more rats will jump, too.

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