Election Has Forever Changed US

This election has been more illuminating than a lit candle in the deepest, darkest coal mine.

The mere presence of Donald Trump has shown us who is silver and who is worthless rock. We have found out the depth of media corruption, of those in our own party and those in business. We know who the good guys are and the enemies. Who in government believes in the idea of America and who is working for globalist elites.

There has really not been anything like it in a long time.

I came upon this blog from Bunker Smith. He outlines just a few of the changes most of us have felt.

“Has this election changed you?”

A friend asked this the other day. We were sipping bourbon at a bar, mine on the rocks with a giant square ice cube. I swirled my drink, took a sip, and nodded.

For those of us who’ve supported Trump from the start — even as observers — the past 12-18 months have been eye-opening, inspiring, frustrating, and entertaining. It’s been fun being part of a movement. If you’re like me, it’s affected us in ways we never expected.

So how have we changed? Let me offer a few ways you may relate to:

1. We see through media lies.

Mike (Cernovich of Danger and Play), above all others, has demonstrated time and again the need to be skeptical of media hoaxes. The Michelle Fields episode was a turning point for me. Her allegations were so obviously false, so drummed up, it was infuriating seeing how much air time the media gave it. I haven’t watched network news since.

Now, we go to original sources where possible. We are much more skeptical of the media filter than a year ago.

2. We have thicker skin.

We’ve been called racist, xenophobic, and deplorable, even by our friends and fellow Republicans. It used to bother us more than it does today. The “fight club” experience of discussions and meme battles has made us stronger and tougher. We’re better equipped to handle haters. We’ve embraced Gorilla Mindset.

3. We no longer identify with the establishment.

We used to care about respectability. In some ways we still do, but it’s different. The lies, corruption, and hypocrisy at the heart of the establishment have been laid bare. We see it every day, not just in Wikileaks but in the behavior of cucks and liberals in government, media, academia, and pretty much everywhere.

Today, we would rather have the respect of “the people” than the approval of a corrupt establishment. This feeling wasn’t as strong a year ago.

4. We’ve learned the art of memetic warfare.

Some day our grandkids will ask: Where were you during the Great Meme Wars of 2016?

The trolling and propaganda among Trump supporters has been top-tier. Mike’s citizen journalism has demonstrated the power of “wholesaling” news that eventually makes its way to the broader public. A good example is his #HillarysHealth meme. Others, like Art Wing Conspiracy, have showed the power of photography and street art.

Finding new information, and packaging it in clever memes, is a weapon we’ve learned how to use. “Dank” is now part of our vocabulary.

5. We’ve made friends, we’ve lost friends.

At one point, I realized that I like my anonymous friends on Twitter better than my real-life friends on Facebook. WTF does that say?

This election has brought to surface values that we didn’t know existed. It’s exposed fault lines in current friendships and has opened the door to new ones. There’s been churn. For every Facebook person we’ve unfriended (or been unfriended by), there are one or two new friends we’ve made. It hasn’t been easy, but we are better for it.

6. We’ve uncucked ourselves.

This election has brought forth more masculine energy. Maybe it’s because Trump is an alpha, or because we’ve had to stick up for ourselves in new ways. Trump has inspired young men (and in some cases women) to take better care of themselves, reach for their ambitions, and grow some backbone.

Indeed, the “cuckservative” meme has been effective not just as an insult for enemies, but as a reminder to uncuck ourselves. Mike models this well. Look how he’s defending himself against false smears by James Fallows. He’s fearless, proactive, and anti-fragile.

7. We’ve become too big to ignore.

“I will become too big to ignore” is one of the mantras Mike writes about in MAGA Mindset.

A few weeks ago the New Yorker turned his face into a hashtag. His monthly views on Twitter and this blog are bigger than most newspapers’. His mantra is becoming true: He’s becoming too big to ignore.

And guess what? So are we. As Peter Thiel said in his speech at the Press Club yesterday: “What Trump represents isn’t crazy, and it isn’t going away.”

This movement, and the changes within us, are here to stay.

Another change, I might add, is that people are praying more than in any other election. So many have told me they see the hand of God in events. If you had asked most of us last September if Trump could slay the goliath, most of us would have doubted.

And yet he has.

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