Freedom or Servitude Today?

Today will be either Agincourt or Waterloo. We will know later tonight. Probably.

I think Trump has an excellent chance. I do not believe polls put out by TV networks. Wikileaks has already proved they are totally arms of the Democrat Party. They will promote her up to the last minute. If you doubt that, take a look at Newsweek’s cover today, out a day early as a matter of fact.

Obviously they will work to the very end to promote the idea that she is inevitable.

I do not intend to watch TV coverage. It will not be reliable. They will continue to tilt it towards Hillary as the results come in. I prefer to wait for the facts, which I will keep track of via the internet. I like Drudge, Breitbart and Thegatewaypundit.

Of course, the factor we can’t grasp is the fraud factor. Unfortunately, the Clintons are experts at this. If she wins, I will believe it is because they have gathered up illegal immigrants to vote (Obama gave them the OK), tampered with data or intimidated people. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has just allowed 60,000 felons to vote, even though the Virgina court denied them this.

Here’s some information that will be useful tonight:

Balletopedia tells the closing times for polls in each state here:

Colorado and Arizona 7 p.m.; Iowa 9 p.m.; Maine 8 p.m.; Michigan 8 p.m.; Nevada 7 p.m.; New Hampshire 7 p.m.; North Carolina and Ohio 7:30 p.m.; Pennsylvania 8 p.m.; Virginia 7 p.m. All are assumed to apply to their time zones.

In addition, the Trump-Pence campaign sent out this: “Just a reminder that if you encounter any problems casting a ballot or if you witness any disruptions at a polling location please call our Voter Assistance Hotline at (844) 332-2016. You can also report any of these incidents on-line at:”

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