The long national nightmare is over. We have won in a magnificent victory.

It’s been tough. Looking at the front page of the Commercial Appeal has been like getting a smack across the face. Watching Fox News or other networks felt like you were a car being driven through the car wash – bristles and brushes tearing you up. A walk through Midtown made me wince seeing every other house with a Clinton/Kaine sign on it. Monitoring the polls was like waiting for the results of your tumor biopsy. We were told to hunker down because the Hillary hurricane was going to blow us away.

Trump can’t win, we were told daily by pundits since he announced June 15, 2015. He will ruin the Republican Party we were told. He won’t win the primaries, he won’t win the White House. Every flub he made was magnified and clucked over. He wasn’t a professional politician nor member of the ruling class. He wasn’t one of the elites and they didn’t want to let him in their club.

You see, we the voters, were too stupid to understand what the elites get: government must be kept in their hands. Only a few people didn’t agree with that. They were beacons in a very dark time. Sean Hannity, Breitbart, Don Surber’s blog, the conservative treehouse, Lou Dobbs. These should all be elevated for they were the few who understood just how the American public felt and what was happening and ignored the sound and fury around them.

In the end it was Agincourt for us, Waterloo for the Dems. They now control no branch of government, very few governorships and suffer a severe lack of upcoming candidates.
They fought old school. Tons of money, racial division, class warfare, the woman card were all they had at a time when action on the economy, terrorism and the vision of a better America was needed.

We were Agincourt. We were outnumbered and out moneyed. Our longbows were social media, the internet and rallies of thousands of eager people. They mattered. They hit the targets.

Andrew Breitbart must be smiling in heaven. Ronald Reagan, too, along with Justice Scalia. The second amendment is secure, the Supreme Court is ours, the Constitution will be upheld, Obamacare will be dissolved.

Last night about 1 I went outside to see if many other neighbors were still up. Quite a few lights were on. Mostly, I wanted to take in a breath of fresh air, the air of freedom that had been missing the past eight years.

It felt great.
We won’t forget it, as Henry V said that glorious day of victory would never be forgotten:

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